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To browse instagram stories, pursue people’s updates, and download them, Pixwox is a fantastic application. We are always in search of the other’s stories on Instagram, which are hidden. The answer is yes, we are always searching for some secret stories of anyone else. Every individual examines secretly and stalking at one point during their life. Whether it includes your enemy or a  person on which you have a crush.

It is a pity to say that Instagram makes a check of your instagram profile story of the others. Another way to check it invisibly is by checking the third-party app. In this article, we have covered everything about the Pixwox application. This application is helpful for that community who wants to browse and download someone’s else instagram story.

What is Pixwox?

If you are making use of Pixwox only for Instagram. You can enlarge the user’s instagram profile picture and save a high-resolution version. This software will automatically help you download instagram pictures, videos, stories, and highlights. With the help of this software, you will easily save videos and photos and repost them to the Instagram feed without logging into your account of Instagram. Users can go for Instagram hashtags and data of accounts to see the profile of their friends or some favorite artists.

With the help of this software of Pixwox, you will be able to get the videos and photos and repost them in repetition on your instagram story, along with their real hashtags and captions. You can save a maximum of precious time by using some excellent features of Pixwox for instagram and the Repost app, which doesn’t need a login procedure. It also enables the download of videos and photos in their gross. The speedy download of the stories for Instagram, copy link support, and a sophisticated bubble service that allows you to switch between applications in the repetition to avoid wasting time. It also helps to download various photos and movies in one go.

Pros of Pixwox

By making use of this application named Instagram story viewer, everyone is free to create stories of their own without exposing themselves or some other individual information that can be identifiable.

  • You can download some posts of an exclusive type without registration without using the internet along with your account.
  • If you are crazy about history usage, view it on the go.
  • You can download the history to your device if it is not present with the listed procedures.
  • You need not worry as your activity on Pixwox is hidden from the others.
  • Pixwox gives you a comfortable environment to view the posts you have already downloaded.
  • Compared with the other sites, using this website with the Instagram Charge Less app is completely safe.

Cons of the Pixwox application

You have already gone through the advantages of Pixwox, but on the other hand, it also has some disadvantages as well as every action reacts. But here we will discuss the disadvantages which we have derived for you.

  • Related to the website, many negative findings have been left.
  • It is unable to look for the demanded account frequently.
  • Pixwox has not much recognition in terms of Social media.
  • In this sector, it is a new brand launch that the community does not notice much.

As far as the rating of these websites is concerned, they are recorded as extremely low. It can be a coincidence. There is a trust deficit on this website as of now.

How to view and download Instagram stories with the help of Pixwox

We have discussed some steps which guide you in the learning process of making a view or downloading someone else’s story or video on Instagram.

  1. Remember to copy the Instagram username’s story or video you want to see.
  2. Choose a browser of your desire and search for the Pixwox website. The browser on which you want to search can be any of these, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge. It will work properly if you enable the Javascript for it to function. 
  3. In this step, you only have to put the username whose story or video you want in your downloaded list; after this, immediately click the search button.
  4. Before going through your eyes, the collection of the stories is processed with the help of Pixwox. You only have to visit the page to read and download it without any interception.
  5. You will see a “Download” link given under each story before you. You have to click the link to begin the procedure of download. By using this app, the download procedure becomes reluctantly easy as far as Instagram stories and videos are concerned. The steps involved in downloading post videos and photographs are common to use.


There is no doubt that this article is as great as assisting surety in terms of the advantages and disadvantages of using Pixwox software along with those steps through which you can view or download someone else’s Instagram story.


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