Kacmun: A Detailed Guide


Is it strange to speak in favor of your country in front of the platform of the United Nations on Worldwide issues? Have you ever tried to improve your research, writing, leadership skills, and public speaking? Have you ever thought of an idea to become a global citizen and a person who brings changes in the community or social setup?

If you find the answer yes to these questions, you will likely want to participate in the program Kacmun. We can take it as a coalition model between Korea and America on the forum of the United Nations. It is known to be a program for middle and high school students located in Los Angeles County and respectively named the Civic Involvement program.

We will guide you about each and everything related to this Kacmun, What its intro, what the benefits are and how we can join this program, what major things are required for this, What kind of activities are carried out, In which way we can prepare it, disclose some of the tips, What are those achievements and in which way we can support to this summary.

What is Kacmun?

Kacmun is a program replicating the United Nations (UN) meetings. The delegation of students comes from different states and active member countries of the United Nations and shows their presence by discussing the worldwide issues connected to past and present. They come here with certain purposes like conducting research, preparing strong speeches, writing resolutions, consulting with other countries’ delegations, and voting for solutions to problems and issues. The target of Kacmun is to guide the students on international relations, human rights, global challenges, and diplomacy. It not only guide but also provide a helping hand to the student in learning skills like writing, critical analysis, leadership, and public speaking.

The creation of Kacmun resulted from a Korean and American Coalition (KAC) in Los Angeles. This organization is working in favor of civil rights for both American and Korean people, and besides this, it also secures cultural heritage as it is a non-profit organization. The MUN program was initiated to benefit the students for the easy access to the club related to the community for strengthening the academic and personality grooming and growth in Los Angeles by Kacmun.

What are the benefits of Kacmun?

Those students who participate in the Kacmun enjoy the benefits under its shadow. Some of the benefits we have described here. By getting this Kacmun, students can further advance their current and world affairs knowledge. With this Kacmun in place, students can access the maximum information and understanding about different countries’ economies, politics, histories, cultures, and societies. The students participating in this program can gain awareness of worldwide problems and issues affecting humanity.

By getting help from this forum, students can improve their skills regarding presentation and communication. Kacmun provides:

  • The facility to practice speaking skills before the roaring crowd.
  • Stating an opinion clearly and persuasively.
  • Giving respect and care while listening to others.
  • Asking relevant questions.
  • Providing beneficial and constructive feedback.

When students get used to it, they can benefit from research work and skills in writing. With this Kacmun forum in place, students can learn more about finding the proper channels of information, Evidence, and analysis data, concluding information into a strong argument, proper sources related to the site, and writing formal documents like resolutions and position papers.

Student can benefit from their critical thinking and skills related to problem-solving by making them stronger than before. From this forum, students learn to identify the issues and ideologies, evaluate the claims and arguments, Bring ideas and solutions full of creation, share opinions with others regarding collaboration, and adjust or compromise according to the circumstances if necessary.

Through this, students can get the power of self-esteem and confidence. Having this forum in place, students can throw away the fear of speech before the audience, challenge themselves to come out of the relaxed zone, get informed about their passion and strengths, and celebrate their achievements.

It urges the Students for social responsibility and community involvement on a civic basis. Knowing of their global citizenship, students become aware of the duties and roles given to them. They have also developed a sense of kindness for those confronting difficult scenarios and injustices.

How to join the Kacmun Platform?

  • In order to keep up with the Kacmun you have to follow these given steps.
  • Your first step should be to fill out the online application form. Be careful while giving any personal information about you, contact number or reference information, and short response questions consisting of (300-500) words and the latest translation of it.
  • Wait for the response of the Kacmun team in the form of email confirmation. They will check your application thoroughly and inform you whether your form or application is ready for acceptance.
  • Go for the fee only once if you are a new member, then it costs you $135; for regular, it goes to $150, and the price for one month is $75.To make your payment, you can use the check, cash, or mail system by online sources. There are additional charges for you if you attend the Kacmun conference.
  • Make sure that you will attend the weekly and the orientation classes. The orientation session will be an introduction to this forum of Kacmun, fellows, instructors, and staff. The program of courses is issued 2.5 hours daily starting from Saturday, 2023, and goes up to May 2024. Try to become a part of it as you learn the basics of MUN, such as procedure rules, committee structure, speeches and resolution formats, and procedure and protocol of diplomacy.

Try to be a part of the Kacmun activities and conferences; besides this, you can attend several conferences throughout the year, both from personal and online sources. One can join several other activities, such as leadership projects, community service projects, guest speaker sessions, and social events.

Requirements for Kacmun

You must oblige to the requirements to catch up with the Kacmun forum.

  • You must be a middle or high school student, which is relatively easy to join the 8th to 11th grade or 12th grade, and are eligible for this post(if you are that student who has returned.
  • You must develop a powerful, healthy interest in worldwide issues and international affairs.
  • It is ensured that the record of your academic life and attendance record is maintained
  • It is a compulsion that you have a positive attitude towards learning and improving your skills.
  • First, you need a stable internet connection, a microphone, a webcam, or a computer.
  • It is important and crucial to join this program from September 2023 to May 2024.
  • You can cooperate with the Kacmun rules and regulations and also its expectations. For example, you remained respectful, cooperative, punctual, professional, prepared, and responsible.

What are the aims of Kacmun?

For those students who want to progress in the learning experience, KAC MUN provides them with relevant opportunities in the shape of activities.

These activities are given below 

  • These conferences are considered the main ritual of the Kacmun. This is a stage for the students to apply what they achieved from the learning in classes and replicate it in the UN meetings. An opportunity comes their way when they are assigned to different countries and committees; they can speak up to their committee’s agenda comprising various topics. They also plan and are determined to write resolutions and vote in favor of them. Kacmun students attend several other conferences, including UCLA BruinMUN, USC MUN Berkeley MUN, and HARVARD MUN, including the KAC Internal conference.
  • These activities help the student as an option for returning to their community, which in return impacts positively. This is a student’s choice of what type of project he wants to join as their interests and skills, for example, tutoring younger students, volunteering for the organization, charities fundraising, or campaigns comprised of organizational awareness.
  • These are considered those skills that help the students to bring the skills leadership qualities to a high by making them develop. In the presence of the experts and professionals, students got that type of help according to the insights, information, or experience that came from them, such as relevant topics like conflict resolution, time management, goal setting, networking, career development, and personal branding.
  • It is an optional activity for the students to get exposure to worldwide issues with different opinions and ideologies. Students can get help from well-equipped speakers who have command of their profession, like Journalists, politicians, diplomats, activists, academics, or a businessman.
  • These activities go in favor of the students as they become able to bond with their companions and fellows. Now, students can actively participate in the ritual and make their friendships stronger than before, like cultural festivals, talent shows, games, movie nights, trivia nights, and icebreakers.

How do you prepare for Kacmun conferences? Expert Tips

To get ready for the Kacmun, you have to follow these steps.

Go and see what country or committee is assigned to you. Going through this, you have all covered your country, including foreign policy, economy, politics, culture, allies, geography and enemies, strengths and weaknesses. Besides this, you also covered all the angles of the committee, such as power, structures, functions, members, past actions, the latest issues, and, most importantly, the mandate. There are various sources like websites, articles, reports, books, and podcasts to achieve all this.

Validate your paper position

This forum has an introduction, which covers certain information related to the country and committee; it is a team or group of members that determines the stance of your government pertaining to each and every topic, which includes targets, challenges, solutions, and interests; including a conclusion that reinforced the recommendations and main concerning points of your agenda.

It also has a prerogative to reach out to the guidelines and format the conference organizers provide. Get ready to deliver the speeches you have prepared for the conference. This is a statement comprising simple words that you deliver to bring the view of your country regarding the issue and proposals presentation on the topics. The agenda you take should be precise, sweet, and attractive. They must follow your committee’s rules and regulations. To achieve something better out of this oral speech, you can take help from cue cards and notes to remember the concerning points of the speech, but you don’t need to go by it from word to word.

Practice your negotiation skills:

You can understand that these are skills developed to communicate with the other delegates present during the conference period, form alliances, support the lobby, create an urge in others, compromise, and solve issues. You can go by this by a friend’s instructor or teacher’s mock session in the class. You can also get help from the videos of previous conferences of MUN or study the blogs about Kacmun strategies and tips to succeed.

Pack your essentials: 

These items are necessary for the conference, and you must bring them like Laptops, pens, paper, folders, chargers, and many more related articles. Besides this, you also have to check the information about the conference through websites or email.

What are some tips for Kacmun delegates?

To be successful in this Kacmun conference, an individual must follow these steps.

Be prepared

It is necessary to conduct thorough research, deliver speeches with immense command and care, and write the position paper. You also must read the rules of the conference and committee carefully. You should be fully prepared regarding the speech work before the conference.

Be professional 

You must follow the conference-related agenda’s rules and dress according to them. It is also a compulsion for you to behave properly and gently with staff members, delegates, and chairs and give them the respect and kindness they deserve. When speaking or writing, make use of diplomatic and formal language. It is also recommended that we avoid anything silly which confuses others.

Be proactive 

It would help if you had to give complete attention to the conference. Whenever or whatever you want to say, raise the placard. You also must encourage those points that advance the debates or simplify the issue. You should also come up to your opponent delegates and make lobbies and coalition which plays a part by sharing your targets and interests.

Be flexible

Now it’s up to you to listen carefully to the other opposite side delegates. You should be positive, updated, and to the point even for the change. You must develop the ability of composure to come to a common solution point related to any issue.

Be creative

It would help improvise with different ideas by thinking outside the box. You must derive different tools and arguments to present your agenda and proposals, for instance, graphs, charts, maps, videos, pics, etc.

Be confident

It is necessary to believe in yourself or your capabilities. Your words must be convincing and powerful. You must stand with the interests of your country. It is crucial to enjoy your success and learn from your failure.

Achievements of Kacmun

Kacmun has reached certain heights and achieved many milestones since its formation period back in 2013. Some of the accomplishments are given below

  • It is a huge achievement that this platform provides a chance to train students at over 500 schools in Los Angeles.
  • More than 300 students have gone to attend the 20 MUN conferences throughout the country.
  • It has also won 100 awards in several MUN conferences, including the Best Outstanding Delegates.
  • MUN has joined hands with more than ten other organizations, some of which are mentioned.UCLA, USC, Berkeley, Harvard.
  • The sponsors and supporters have done a brilliant job providing immense support in grants reaching up to $100,000, like the Overseas Korean Foundation, the Korean Foundation, etc. 

How do we support Kacmun?

If you want to do something for the Kacmun, you only have to invest or donate. Kacmun can benefit from this donation in terms of operational costs, and it provides scholarships and subsidies for students who need financial support to join the Kacmun forum.

Volunteer your time for this foundation named Kacmun. In a way, it supports the organization to help with the curriculum activities and mentorship of the students in real need of academic support to succeed in the conferences.

Sponsor the event of Kacmun. It provides a chance for the organization to hold its activities or conferences for the sake of students, where they can open up their capabilities and abilities and bond with other professional groups.

Spreading the fame of KAC MUN from the mouth will help those students with some awareness and respect, and as a result, it will attract other delegates to join this firm named KACMUN.


For students who want exposure to international affairs and worldwide issues, Kacmun is the trajectory where they can improve their skills related to all these facilities. It is a chance for the students to develop their skills according to the profession in which they are working. It also helps the student to become aware, confident, and responsible as a global citizen. If any individual wants to benefit from this firm named Kacmun, he only has to visit their website, email them, or contact them.


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