4808053329: Get Necessary Details


Have you ever come across the number 4808053329? What is your experience with this number? Is it fake or a legitimate call? All these are the necessary questions that come to mind of many people regarding this number, and we are here to solve all your problems regarding 4808053329 and make it easy for you to make the correct decision before taking a call from such a number.

4808053329, What is the Authority of this call?

Many people say that 4808053329 is a fake financial services loan scam call from the Philippines. They are asking for personal information, and the major reason to do this is to steal your credit card, social security numbers, and sometimes bank account details as well. 

We have to deal with such scams many times in life, and people should aware of the scam calls to be aware and become careful not to receive the call. Some people say the caller from such a number is a fake debt collector threatening the debt you don’t owe. They also offer to lower the interest rate on credit cards or fake student loans. Sometimes, calls from the number 4808053329 offer you a fake home equity loan based on a request that you don’t have the option to inquire. The call starts with a recorded message, and the caller identity shows that it is a call from the Philippines. 

Most of the time, the caller says the scammer tells them you have a good credit history, and that’s why they are offering lower interest rates on personal and business loans. For that purpose, they are asking for personal information such as credit card, PIN, and other details. 

Other major information related to this number is that 480 is an area code within Arizona, and the major counties that come under this area code are as follows:

  • Maricopa County
  • Pinal County

Major countries that come under this code are:

Chandler Fountain Hills
Gilbert Mesa
Paradise Valley Scottsdale
Tempe Sun Lakes

Areacode help

Is 4808053329 a legitimate number or a scam?

People who experience calls from such numbers as 4808053329 give us information related to these numbers and, according to all reports regarding this particular number, say that it is a scam number with no such authority. They said there was nothing serious about this call and that most of the time, callers get silent on the other end. According to all these reports and our personal experience, we say that it is a scam call. We recommend you not to receive the call to be on the safe side and to avoid scams. There is no need to pick up the call for safety reasons.

4808053329 might be a malware:

It might be malware that can infect your phone and stop it from working. So, the best way to keep your mobile or phone safe is to avoid the call and never click on any spammy link you have received from 4808053329 and trash it immediately.

Telemarketer Call

Some people report it to be a telemarketer call that can be a nuisance. Such types of calls are always irritating and cause frustration. But we can save ourselves and others by raising awareness against such irritating calls. The safety guide and preventive measures we should follow are as follows:

Safety Guide Against 4808053329

There are some precautionary measures that are necessary to be safe from these fraud numbers are as follows:

  1. As a responsible citizen, it is important to check whether the call you receive from 4808053329 is legitimate or a scam. It is important to know how the caller is before we take any action against the caller. Sometimes, scammers trick you and smartly hide their identity, making it difficult for you to understand their true intentions.
  2. The second step that every call receiver should follow is how to deal with these unwanted calls. First of all, avoid receiving the call, and if someone accidentally receives the call, don’t give any personal information such as bank details to the caller. You should be aware of their gift card and lottery ticket tricks.
  3. Hang up the call if you suspect or find it a scam or a telemarketer call. Sometimes, they call you repeatedly; don’t panic block the call if it causes frustration or disturbs you. 

What Is the way to minimize unwanted calls?

  1. The best way to minimize unwanted calls is by registering for the do-no-call list. Registry in a national do-no-call list saves you from unwanted calls and keeps you safe, and you won’t have to worry about scammers and fraud calls.
  2. There are special screening apps that identify and filter unwanted scam calls, such as 4808053329. These specific apps are specially designed to find scam calls and block them immediately. So you don’t have to worry about the calls. 
  3. The most important thing you must understand is to not give your personal number to anyone and not make it public on social media. Sometimes, scammers get the details from such platforms and disturb your life.  
  4. The smartphone provides the facility of a silent call from unknown numbers. This feature will be a savior as it prevents your phone from unnecessarily ringing unless you get a call from your caller list or a valid number. 
  5. If these calls from such 4808053329 never stop, you have the right to take legal action against such calls. First, consult a legal advisor specializing in consumer protection services for proper advice and support in this crucial matter.


All information related to 4808053329 is discussed in this topic in detail. The guidance provided in this article will be helpful to be safe from unwanted calls and being scammed by scammers. Take all the precautionary measures to be safe from unwanted calls and keep your loved ones away and safe from these numbers. Acting on these preventive measures and safety guidelines, you will never be a victim of such tricky scams. 


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