Can you use WhatsApp Business API without the WhatsApp green tick?


A Chatbot is a program developed by professionals in such a way that it uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and NLP (Natural Language Processor) to understand the questions, automate the most appropriate reply, and hold up the conversation just like a human. In the past, chatbots were only text-based and programmed to reply to a particular set of questions with answers already input into the program when the developer made it. 

Chatbots operate like an interactive FAQ. Even though it worked well for those specific questions and answers for which they did its programming, it failed when asked a complex question. Now that we have advanced so much in this field that chatbots’ ability isn’t limited to just some basic replies, API chatbots now use Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to respond to users’ needs. It uses advanced AI tools to understand what the user is trying to say and then reply with the most appropriate response to the user’s query. 

What is WhatsApp API? 

The WhatsApp API is a software made by WhatsApp that allows all the developers to combine messaging capabilities of other applications and services. It can let developers talk to other people and even create chatbots. A business can create a chatbot to answer frequently asked questions, facilitate transactions within WhatsApp, and give customer service. So basically, developers can develop chatbots through the WhatsApp API and allow businesses to use them to engage with customers more effectively. The WhatsApp API provides the tools and the capability to create automated conversations in their applications. The use of elements of AI like machine learning and deep learning, with some nuanced differences, improves their ability to predict user’s need more accurately and respond correctly over time. Deep understanding helps these AI chatbots become more efficient by building a web of correct responses through past interactions. In simpler words, this would mean the longer you use the AI chatbot, the stronger and more accurate its responses are than a recently developed program-based API chatbot. The WhatsApp API comes with a wide range of features and capabilities for the developers to access even more tools. WhatsApp also frequently updates to add new features to the WhatsApp API so developers can use the latest functionalities and stay updated. 

Benefits of WhatsApp API 

WhatsApp API can provide personalized product recommendations to the customer based on previous history, browsing behavior, or requirements. It can narrow the customer’s choice by presenting them with the most relatable product and making it easier for them to buy. 

With the latest API features like WhatsApp autoreply or WhatsApp notifications, businesses can now interact with their customers 24/7, even on the weekends or public holidays. Instant responses also help to increase sales because quick replies help the customers make a fast decision and make shopping easier.  

What is WhatsApp green tick? 

WhatsApp green tick is something that only WhatsApp official business accounts (OBA) can have. Having a green tick indicates that the business account is verified, has gone through a detailed verification process, and has met the WhatsApp Business account criteria. It works as a verification badge. The WhatsApp green tick is necessary as it represents an Official Business Account, which means the brand is well-established, reputable, and popular because getting a WhatsApp business account is difficult. It’s something only some businesses can get. Only brands with a notable brand image can get a WhatsApp green tick. Besides the brand’s image, the verification badge helps the brand to get the customer’s trust. There are more than 2.4 billion users of WhatsApp, and anyone can create a business account; WhatsApp green badge helps you to stand out. With increasing business accounts, scams, and frauds are also increasing. The verification badge indicates that the business is not a scam and the users can trust it. The trust factor is the biggest advantage of having a WhatsApp green badge. It acts as a stamp for the business to be legitimate, authentic, and reputed, which helps the customers to trust the brand and helps the businesses to increase their engagement and conversion rate. 

Here are the four vital conditions for being eligible for a green badge: 

  • Create a WhatsApp API  
  • Verify your Business on Meta Business Manager 
  • Activate Two-Factor Authentication  
  • Get your display name approved 

Following these conditions will help you get the WhatsApp verification Badge or the WhatsApp green tick.  

You can submit a request by following these five steps:

  • Login to WhatsApp Manager 
  • Click on Account Tools on the left sidebar 
  • Choose your phone number and click on Profile 
  • Submit an official request in the right format for an Official Business Account (Green tick for WhatsApp Business API). 
  • After that, you must carefully fill out your business details, submit your request, and hope for the best.  

Can you use WhatsApp Business API without the WhatsApp green tick? 

Yes, you can. Any business account can use the WhatsApp Business API. You don’t need to get the verification badge to use the API, as only well-established brands can get verified, which is difficult for small businesses. That is why WhatsApp has also opened its API to no verified business accounts. WhatsApp green tick or the verification badge is nothing more than an extra layer for gaining the customer’s trust in your business. It has nothing to do with the WhatsApp API or its functioning.  

Wrapping Up 

WhatsApp API is very helpful for a business, especially in increasing sales and providing faster and better customer service. Few businesses consider WhatsApp API their best employee as it is never sick and works 24/7, even on the holidays. At the same time, the WhatsApp verification Badge helps the brand gain their customers’ trust. Getting the verified badge is difficult; even if you get rejected, you can try again after 30 days. It definitely builds trust among the masses. Which was the last firm you saw lately with a green tick over WhatsApp? It was not the only one, I am sure, and you must have been checking a few by now. If you want one for your business, you can avail it easily. 

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