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The city of tech is also known for some beautiful properties, as there are some fantastic apartments. Recently, I came across a fabulous place online called Elegant Hermitage, a tremendous project by Elegant Builders & Developers. The site was located in Banashankari 6Th Stage in Bangalore. Being in Bangalore for a year now, I wanted to explore different places, and this property was quite appealing. I was planning to get a 2BHK, and this place came up as a perfect solution for my problem. 

The place was quite remarkable; it had good connectivity, fresh air, and modern amenities that were just perfect. The Banashankari 6Th Stage is a fantastic place in Bangalore, and this place is quite remarkable as it has lush greenery around and some tremendous rooms with perfect space. 

My partner and I wanted to move to a new place, and as we both had some savings, it was a great idea to invest in a property and get ourselves. Living in Bangalore is quite expensive, but our savings made it easy to invest ₹96.33 Lacs to ₹1.35 Crores in this fantastic property. The place will have great views from the balcony, as we predicted, and after looking at the layout, my partner decided that we should get a home here. 

I was only looking for convenience, whereas my partner was expecting multiple things from this place for her. Everything has to be managed accurately, and there shouldn’t be any compromise with the services or the room. 

The space was quite Luxurious, and in this city of tech, this was about to be the perfect home for us. If I talk about the beauty of the place, we get Panoramic views of the city from this place, and the best is the Proximity to Thalaghattapura metro station.

The place was also close to BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital, so in case of any emergency, we could get to the hospital. The area around was quite remarkable as well. The Banashankari 6Th Stage is a good place from where we can travel the city easily. 

How We Came Across This Beautiful Place In Bangalore?

We both fixed that we’d be staying in Bangalore only as we’d relocate, and we got our eyes on this place after looking at the layout and the investment price; we were sure that we wanted to get a home here. 

With the luxurious space and adorable beauty of this place, we had to have a home here and the amenities added to it. If I talk about the components we were targeting, we wanted the location to be convenient for both of us, and that’s why we were getting a 2BHK here starting from ₹96.33 Lacs to ₹1.35 Crores.

They offered 2 and 3 BHK options to people in this beautiful apartment. All the facilities were available from basic to advanced as we got Bike and Car Parking, Corporation and Borewell Water Supply, Gated Security, and many more. There were 3 Buildings, 240 units in total, and the project was handled by one of the renowned builders, Elegant Builders & Developers. 

The project area was 2.46 acres and was about to be done in upcoming years. The Safety and security of an individual was assured. The fun part was the amenities here, as we can enjoy sports, fitness, and many other indoor games in this apartment in Bangalore.  

Bangalore and its tech parks are widely famous, and being at Elegant Hermitage, which is in Banashankari 6Th Stage, we can easily travel to different places from the metro, which is 10 minutes away from our home. 

Amenities We Loved At Elegant Hermitage

If we talk about the amenities first, there are all the basic amenities that we expect from a standard apartment, like Power Backup, Security, CCTV camera, and lift. With some modern conveniences, they have a swimming pool, a Jogging track, a badminton court for people who love to play badminton, and a Tennis court. 

This place was like a whole package, adding a Common garden, Children’s play area, a Park, and 

various Indoor games. We have a party area for parties, a society’s WiFi, Visitor parking for our guests to park their vehicles, and a Clubhouse where we can connect and spend our time. A gym for fitness enthusiasts is also provided so we can go and work out here efficiently. 

Making this one of the best choices, this place was perfect for our future, and by staying here for a while, we’re going to visit different sites from Bangalore and have some fun. As I told you, looking for properties online is challenging. Still, Nobroker’s verified property listings have been beneficial to getting this home, so if you’re looking for some beautiful apartments in Bangalore, go

check NoBroker.in

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