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Sports and games are essential part of human being. For this purpose, especially clothes are designed to achieve the goal without facing any obstacles while playing games. These clothes refer as Sportswear that must be moisture-wicking, breathable or provide comfort.  Servis not only provide best shoes in Pakistan but also manufactures best sportswear in Pakistan. It has wide ranges of sportswear for men including Apparel, Hoodies, bomber jacket, active wear and so more. In this article, different varieties of athletic clothes have been explored for guidance of customer and identify features of best and durable sportswear.

Have an Overview of different types of sportswear for men:

Firstly, a brief overview of different types of sportswear for distinct activities:

Athletic Apparel:

In this type of sportswear for men sports jersey, t-shirts, leggings are included. These are basics items of athletic wear. These are especially designed for sports, exercise and other physical activities. While manufacturing these clothes, Servis design team checks the cloth material that maintains the body temperature. A best Athletic Apparel sucks sweat and ensure that person can easily move and feel comfortable after wearing it.


This is another type of sports clothes such as bomber jackets, sweatshirts and hoodies.  Each clothe is designed for specific sports. These outer garments contribute towards the protection and functionality. A person can choose the outer sportswear depends on the sports and activities perform by him. Servis ensure the breathability, durability, comfort ability and long-lasting attributes of sports jackets, shirts, hoodies and trousers to perform well during playing game.


Another category of sports-wear for men is Active wear that is considered a subset of sportswear.  In this category, casual clothes are designed for particular games including yoga, gym and gymnastic etc. These types of clothes must have moisture wicking material that helps to remain cool and fresh. As gym or gymnastics sorts of games requires flexibility and comfortably, so Servis supply best active wear for men having flexible or stretchy material used in it.

Athletic under garments:

Sweat shirts and men shorts come under the category of sports under garments. These are essential items of sports clothes because without wearing them, a sport man cannot feel comfortable during any sport activity. It keeps body parts moisture and absorbs sweating; therefore, it is especially designed by light weight fabric. Servis brand has prime quality men sweatshirts and shorts that


Last but not least Athletic clothes are incomplete without accessories of them. These include headbands, gloves, compression sleeves and wristbands. After wearing them, person can feel comfortable and fresh having fear of any injury. These items are used for additional support during playing any game or doing sport. Servis provides the best accessories of sports that can enhance the performance.

Qualities of Servis Sportswear that make them best one:

If Sports clothes have these qualities, they keep safe, comfy and reduce the risk factor of injury while playing hard or even soft games. Therefore, Servis designs for specific purpose to meet the demands of customers. Here attributes of sportswear that make them best one from other brands have been discussed:

Moisture Absorbing:

Moisture absorbing is the key quality of sportswear. During sports, sweating is the common process of body and it takes place throughout the game. Best athletic wears keep body dry and absorb all moisture to maintain body temperature and prevent from rashes. Hence, whenever anyone wants to buy a best sportswear for men, he must ensure the quality of fabric.


Another important feature of good sportswear is breathability. Many sports consume lot of energy and overheat the body during playing. To overcome overheating and discomfort, there should be such sweat shirts that allow air to circulate. Servis has wide ranges of sportswear that are made of nylon, polyester and smooth fabric. Such types of clothes give cool sensation and maintain the body regulation during workouts or other sports activities. 


Sportswear should be lightweight because it can help to sustain the balance of body and allow moving fast during physical activities. If athletic wear has heavy weight, it can affect the performance of player. So, one of the qualities of Servis Sportswear is lightweight that attracts customers to buy them. Lightweight costumes increase the confidence and improve thermal comfort.

UV Protection:

Mostly games are played outdoors and in morning time when sun rays directly hit the skin. Ozone layer is decreasing day by day due to strong concentration of ultraviolet rays. Hence, Servis consider this factor during manufacturing of sports clothes. It uses such fabric that protects the body from harmful and ultraviolet rays of sun.


There is no doubt almost games require movement in different direction. Engaging in sports requires a lot of stretches and flexibility. It is only possible when person wear a stretchable dress during physical activity. For making stretching or flexible sportswear for men, synthetic material such as spandex is used to meet the requirement of this quality. Spandex material not only provides the flexibility while movement in games but also reduces the risk factor of injury.


Last but not least, durability of clothes is also necessary element. This quality makes them Servis better than from other brands. Servis provides the durable and long-lasting sports clothes for men in Pakistan. Sports men use athletic clothes frequently in training session or sports competition; therefore, they always prefer durable or flexible sportswear for this purpose.


To sum up the above discussion, Servis is the top leading brand that not only provides best shoes all over the country but also manufactures prime quality sportswear for men in Pakistan. Sports apparels give specific identity to sports man and also help to maintain the body temperature and flexible movements. The above-mentioned qualities should be considered while buying a good sportswear for men. Hence, wearing a stretchable, flexible and quick dry capability athletic outfits elevate the performance in sports.    

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