100 Mood Off Status: Whatsapp & Facebook Status


Today billions of people stay connected through social media. That is why they express their different emotion through social media profiles such as WhatsApp, Facebook and others. Mood off is also an emotion that people want to express in different phases of life. Most people want to share mood off statuses and quotes through social media. They want to share this mood off quotes, statuses and captions on Facebook, WhatsApp app, and Instagram 

So, here we make this process easy for you, as we give you some unique, latest and best collections of mood off status, sad mood status, alone status for WhatsApp, Mood off status for WhatsApp in English just like stylish Facebook profile and many others. Don’t waste time checking these statuses and sharing them on social media platforms. Sharing this status is very easy, just copy the status and paste it on your social media profile.

Mood Off Status For WhatsApp & Facebook

  1. 😔 “Lost in the echoes of my own silence.”
  2. 💔 “Sometimes, the heart speaks the loudest in solitude.”
  3. 🥀 “In the garden of memories, I find only wilted roses.”
  4. 😢 “Raindrops falling, echoing the tears within my soul.”
  5. 🌑 “In the darkness, my emotions are the only stars.”
  6. 😞 “When words fail, tears speak.”
  7. 🎭 “Wearing a smile to mask the tears within.”
  8. 🌧️ “Rainy days match the storm within my heart.”
  9. 😥 “Lost in a crowd, but drowning in loneliness.”
  10. 🚶‍♂️ “Walking away, yet carrying the weight of memories.”
  11. 🌪️ “Inside, a storm rages, unseen by the world.”
  12. 💧 “Tears are the silent language of grief.”
  13. 🌌 “Staring at the night sky, wondering if stars feel loneliness too.”
  14. 😕 “When the playlist matches the melancholy in my heart.”
  15. 📷 “Capturing moments, hiding the pain behind the lens.”
  16. 🖤 “In a world of colors, my soul is painted in shades of grey.”
  17. 😔 “Not all scars are visible; some are etched on the heart.”
  18. 🌫️ “Mist of emotions, clouding the clarity of my thoughts.”
  19. 🥺 “Aching for a hug that can heal the wounds inside.”
  20. 📝 “In the diary of my emotions, sadness writes most chapters.”
  21. 🌊 “Tears, the ocean of unspoken emotions within.”
  22. 😶 “Silence is the loudest scream of a broken heart.”
  23. 🚶‍♀️ “Walking through life, but the path feels endless.”
  24. 🥀 “The end of a chapter feels like the death of a rose.”
  25. 💤 “Sleeping through the pain, waking up with a heavy heart.”
  26. 🎭 “Behind the mask, a thousand untold stories.”
  27. 🌧️ “Clouds in my eyes, raining inside my soul.”
  28. 😪 “Dreaming of a reality where pain doesn’t exist.”
  29. 📸 “Filtering my emotions before posting a smile.”
  30. 🌪️ “Inside, a tornado of emotions, outside, a calm facade.”

Mood Off Status For Girls 

  1. 🎶 “Songs that resonate with the echoes of my loneliness.”
  2. 😢 “The heart whispers, but the world rarely listens.”
  3. 🌌 “Stars can’t shine without darkness; neither can my soul.”
  4. 🚶‍♂️ “Moving forward, but the past clings to my footsteps.”
  5. 😓 “The weight of emotions, heavy like a thousand raindrops.”
  6. 🌑 “In the night, my tears become stardust.”
  7. 😔 “Echoes of laughter in a heart that forgot to smile.”
  8. 🌧️ “Pouring emotions, just like the rain outside.”
  9. 💔 “The puzzle of my heart is missing a crucial piece.”
  10. 😞 “Losing myself in the pages of a book to escape reality.”
  11. 🌪️ “Turbulence within, calm exterior outside.”
  12. 😢 “The sky weeps with me on this lonely night.”
  13. 🎭 “Acting like everything is okay, a master of disguise.”
  14. 🥀 “Picking up the pieces of a shattered heart.”
  15. 💧 “Drowning in a sea of tears, seeking the shore of solace.”
  16. 🌫️ “Mist of memories, veiling the clarity of the present.”
  17. 😕 “Missing pieces in the puzzle of my happiness.”
  18. 🖤 “A heart, once vibrant, now painted in shades of sorrow.”
  19. 😔 “Searching for meaning in a world that feels meaningless.”
  20. 🌊 “Emotions, a turbulent ocean within my soul.”
  21. 😥 “Whispers of the past haunting the corridors of my mind.”
  22. 🌑 “The moon witnesses the tears I hide from the sun.”
  23. 🚶‍♀️ “Walking away from the pain, but the shadows follow.”
  24. 😶 “Speechless in a conversation between heart and mind.”
  25. 💤 “Sleeping to escape reality, waking up to face the nightmare.”
  26. 🎭 “Wearing a mask, hoping it conceals the pain within.”
  27. 🥺 “Craving a touch that can mend the broken pieces inside.”
  28. 📝 “Writing the unsent letters that reside in my heart.”
  29. 🌧️ “Storms in my eyes, thunder in my soul.”
  30. 😪 “Dreaming of a world where tears are replaced by smiles.”

Mood Off Status in one line For WhatsApp

  1. 🌪️ “Inside, a whirlwind of emotions; outside, a calm demeanor.”
  2. 🎶 “Melodies that resonate with the symphony of my sadness.”
  3. 😢 “The heart’s lament, an echo in the chambers of solitude.”
  4. 🌌 “Stars in my eyes, mirroring the galaxies within.”
  5. 🚶‍♂️ “Moving forward, but the past pulls me back.”
  6. 😓 “The burden of emotions, heavy as a leaden sky.”
  7. 🌑 “In the dark corners of my mind, sadness takes residence.”
  8. 😔 “Listening to the silence, hearing the echoes of loneliness.”
  9. 🌧️ “Raindrops on my window, reflecting the tears in my soul.”
  10. 💔 “Broken crayons still color, but the art is never the same.”
  11. 😞 “Sunsets remind me that even beauty has its endings.”
  12. 🥀 “Petals of hope fall, leaving thorns of despair.”
  13. 💧 “Crying rivers, hoping to find an ocean of solace.”
  14. 🌫️ “Mist of memories, obscuring the path to happiness.”
  15. 😕 “A puzzle with missing pieces, incomplete and unresolved.”
  16. 🖤 “A canvas of emotions, painted with shades of desolation.”
  17. 😔 “In the silence, the heart speaks volumes of unsaid words.”

Alone Status For Facebook

  1. 🌊 “Tidal waves of emotions crashing against the shores of my soul.”
  2. 😥 “Aching for a hug that can heal the wounds within.”
  3. 🌑 “The night sky, a mirror to the darkness within.”
  4. 😶 “Speechless in a world where words fail to express.”
  5. 💤 “Dreaming of a world where pain is just a distant memory.”
  6. 🎭 “Behind the curtain of a smile, the play of sadness unfolds.”
  7. 😪 “The pillow bears witness to the silent screams of my heart.”
  8. 🌪️ “Inside, a tempest of emotions; outside, a tranquil facade.”
  9. 📸 “Capturing smiles, while my own fades into the background.”
  10. 🥺 “Longing for a warmth that can thaw the iciness within.”
  11. 🌧️ “Showers of sadness, a downpour in my heart.”
  12. 😓 “The canvas of my soul painted with strokes of melancholy.”
  13. 🚶‍♀️ “Walking away, leaving footprints of sorrow behind.”

Sad Mood off Status For WhatsApp

  1. 😕 “A jigsaw puzzle with pieces scattered, lost in the void.”
  2. 🖤 “A heart, once vibrant, now echoes with the sound of solitude.”
  3. 😔 “The ink of my pen, spelling out tales of unspoken pain.”
  4. 🌑 “Moonlit tears, shimmering in the silent night.”
  5. 💔 “Heartbeats sync with the melancholy rhythm of life.”
  6. 😞 “In the shadow of laughter, echoes the silence of despair.”
  7. 🥀 “The garden of dreams, overrun with wilted aspirations.”
  8. 💧 “Drowning in the well of tears, seeking the surface of hope.”
  9. 🌫️ “Veiled in the mist of sorrow, chasing the light of joy.”
  10. 😕 “In a world of emojis, my heart speaks a language of tears.”


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