Qualifications To Look For in EB5 Regional Centers


Using a regional center to make an EB5 investment is one of the easiest ways for EB5 investors to get a visa. Find a regional center with suitable projects and financial and legal experts to guide you through the EB5 investment journey. Here are some tips for finding a suitable EB5 regional center.

Qualifications To Consider When Choosing a Regional Center

An EB5 investment involves significant financial input, which you should entrust to the right EB5 regional center. Carefully evaluate your potential regional center because the success of your EB5 visa petition depends on the regional center’s project and financial management skills. Here are some qualities to consider when choosing a regional center:


Find out the coverage area of the regional center, as these centers are restricted to specific geographic locations. The location of the EB5 project you want to invest in will dictate which regional centers you can collaborate with. Contact the center or visit their physical address to inquire about the scope of their business. This can help you better understand how they complete projects and handle investments.


Check the number of years the regional center has been in practice. A center that has been practicing for several years has firsthand knowledge of the various steps of the EB5 application process. These years of experience have allowed them to participate in recruiting investments, achieving unconditional green cards for investors, and repaying or redistributing investors’ money. Their experience puts them in a better position to help you meet the specific investment and project requirements.


Research the qualifications and experience of your chosen regional center’s managers before investing. Determine the number of projects the regional center has funded and completed successfully. Ask about the number of investors who have succeeded in their visa applications with the center’s help. Examine the types of projects the regional center specializes in to help you find one that aligns with the projects you are interested in.

Questions To Ask an EB5 Regional Center

EB5 investors should conduct thorough research on potential regional centers before investing their funds. Ask direct questions about their project management services, paperwork processes, and more to decide if the center suits your needs. Here are some questions to ask during the regional center vetting process:

  • When did the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) approve the regional center?
  • What areas does your regional center cover geographically?
  • What is the number of regional centers that your company owns and runs?
  • What number of EB5 projects has your company or regional center worked on?
  • Has an I-829 petition for EB5 investors under your regional center been denied?
  • Has the USCIS ever sent a Notice of Intent to Deny to your regional center?
  • Has an I-526 petition for EB5 investors from your regional center been denied?
  • What further services can you offer besides the primary sponsorship of an EB5 project?
  • What are the legal and financial backgrounds of the regional center’s team members?
  • What are the costs for my EB5 project to be sponsored by your regional center?

Resources for Researching Regional Centers

Some third-party sites that can give you more information about a particular regional center include USCIS, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and the local government’s building department. The USCIS maintains a comprehensive list of approved regional centers. Visit their website to see if a potential regional center has been approved. You can also find information on geographic coverage on the website. Use the Better Business Bureau’s website to search for a regional center’s name. This should allow you to view customer reviews, ratings, and complaints. Higher BBB ratings often imply better service delivery.

Local government building departments may not offer insight into a regional center but can assist an investor in determining whether a particular project is appropriate for EB5 investment. You must find the development project’s address and submit it to the regional department of building’s website. These websites can provide details about the property’s owner, the general contractor for the construction project, and any granted permits or infractions.

Find a Suitable Regional Center

Make confident, knowledgeable EB5 investment decisions by carefully researching regional centers and projects. A thorough investigation will help you find a regional center team that satisfies the requirements for an EB5 visa application. Contact potential regional centers today to learn more about how they can help you receive an EB5 green card.

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