02045996875: Know everything in detail


Are you interested in seeing who is the caller behind the call you are receiving? Most of the time, calls from unknown numbers like 02045996875 irritate you at different times of the day. In this situation, you are willing to know who the caller behind the call is. Know all the phone details and share them with others so that you and others are safe from scams and fraud. In this article, we will find out all the phone details and how to be safe from an unknown number that is a scam.

Location of 02045996875

02045996875 is located in London (UK) and is a landline number.  02045996875 has been searched 7868 times, and most people’s reviews are negative about the number. The number is mainly traced from Catford, Attleborough, Dingwall, Selby, Bromley, Manchester, Keighley, Belfast, Edinburgh, Southampton, and London.

Negative reviews might indicate that people have experienced unwanted or suspicious activity associated with this number. It’s common for such numbers to be linked to scams, telemarketing, or other forms of unsolicited communication. Users often share their experiences online to warn others and seek information about the caller’s intentions.

Residents in London and other locations mentioned should exercise caution when receiving calls from this number, and it might be advisable to block or report the number if it is causing inconvenience or security concerns.

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As with any suspicious phone number, it’s essential to remain vigilant and avoid sharing personal information over the phone unless you can verify the caller’s legitimacy. Additionally, reporting such numbers to relevant authorities can contribute to efforts to curb fraudulent or bothersome activities.

What People Think about the Call from 02045996875

As we already discussed, 02045996875 is a scam number, and now we are sharing people’s reviews about this number so that people can keep themselves safe from unwanted scam calls. Knowing about the number makes it easy for you to be safe and secure from fraud calls.

One of the callers said that the caller offered a discount on the tariff, sent a passcode, and gave the receiver a warning not to share the code with anyone as it is only your personal code. I found it a scam and hung up the call to be safe. Another day, I again got a call from the same number, and the caller sent an offer by email. When I checked the email, it is a total scam.

Another user claims he got multiple calls from this number, and no one spoke after receiving the call; therefore, I stopped receiving the call and blocked the number. One user received a 6-digit passcode from this number, but I didn’t respond as I felt it was suspicious and blocked the number.

According to another user review, when she receives the call and says hello, no one speaks, and the call disconnects after a few seconds, which is annoying. I received multiple calls, and upon answering, there was complete silence on the other side. In response, I scream into the speaker, prompting the caller to hang up swiftly! 

One of the users says that he didn’t understand a single word from the caller’s conversation, which compels me to think that it is a scam. After knowing that it is a scam number, I just put the phone on the side and do my business. The caller calls me again and again, and I don’t receive the call again. 

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Necessary Precautions Against 02045996875

Many of us get irritated by my different calls at different times of the day. To avoid such calls and be safe and secure, we should follow some preventive measures against the call. Follow the instructions below and save your time from such scams. 

  • First, when you see an unknown number on your mobile screen, it is best to never receive the call. When you never receive a call, scammers have fewer chances to scam you.
  • The second instruction is to block the number 02045996875 if you accidentally receive the call. Blocking the number keeps you safe and secure. 
  • Make other people aware of the number so that they will be safe from these unwanted calls.
  • Never fall off the lottery ticket or gift cards. They trick you with these smart tricks and get your money or personal information for further use. 
  • Don’t give your personal information or money to these callers, and never share personal information on social media, as it is one of the easiest ways for scammers to take your data and use it for their illegal uses. 
  • We find that people give it a negative review. Therefore, according to people’s reviews, be alert when you receive a call from 02045996875.
  • One of the other options is to report the call to FTC to take further action against the caller. 
  • Most callers report that after receiving the call, there is a complete silence that makes it negative never to receive. Therefore, we should be aware of the number and keep others aware never to receive the call. Send the number details to all your phone contacts, relatives, office colleagues, and friends. These details will be helpful against scams and unwanted calls. 


02045996875 is a scam number, as per users’ reviews and reports. We have provided each and every detail about the number. All this information is really helpful against scammers and scam calls. Once you act upon our instructions, you will never get scammed by scammers. Keep your personal information safe and private, and never give any details to any stranger or social media. With the help of this article, you will easily avoid unwanted calls and be safe and secure from 02045996875. 

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