How to Identify Authentic Moldavite Pendant: a Buyer’s Guide?


The enchanting green tint and unusual shape have turned moldavite into the precious gem desired by jewelry makers. Now among collectors and enthusiasts, moldavite pendant in Australia is highly demanded.

While moldavite is a popular gem, there are fake or incorrect pieces of moldavite which may be encountered when purchasing them. Hence the buyers must have a sound cognition to distinguish real moldavite pendants. In this detailed post, we go into the features that determine moldavite’s authenticity and offer simple techniques to help you buy with confidence.

Introduction to Moldavite

Moldavite is a rare gemstone renowned for its captivating history which contributes significantly to its tremendous value. If you want to know moldavite better, check the moldavite background, moldavite formation, geological properties, and symbolic worth.

Most of the mineral moldavite is silica glass, yet there are also traces of other minerals. It is hypothesized that the meteorite’s distinctive green color is due to the elements contained in it and in the rock around it. Moldavite cools rapidly upon contact resulting in the appearance of surface pits, bubbles, and uneven texture. Such particular features can be used for recognizing genuine moldavite.

The most frequent place where moldavite occurs is the south part of Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Austria and Germany, the neighboring countries, discovered some as well as moldavites. 

When the term moldavite is mentioned it is usually related to the sediments formed at the Miocene. These sediments have evolved about fifteen million years ago. Whether it is small pebbles that are used as jewelry stones or its other pieces, gemstones come in quite a number of sizes.

Differentiating Factors of Genuine Moldavite

Real moldavite differs clearly by exhibiting a number of characteristics. The unique way it developed and certain geological characteristics are responsible for these characteristics. If you are familiar with the signs to look for in moldavite, you may confidently buy it.

  • Color 

The vivid green color is one of the most striking features of authentic moldavite. Because of their color, which may be anywhere from pale green to deep olive green, moldavite gemstones are sometimes described as transparent or translucent. 

Trace elements, such as iron and chromium, give meteorites and the rocks around them their characteristic green hue. Moldavite is a gemstone famous for its deep, vivid green color; nevertheless, knockoffs could seem excessively saturated in color, artificial, or lifeless.

  • Texture 

Pits on the top, tiny bubbles trapped within the glass, and other imperfections give real moldavite its characteristic texture. These formations, which show how the meteorite impact cooled rapidly, are millions of years old. 

The rough or pitted texture of moldavite makes it stand out when contrasted with surfaces that have been artificially polished or have an immaculate appearance. These imperfections are telltale signs of genuine moldavite, so keep an eye out for them.

  • Shape 

From teardrop to round to amorphous, moldavite may assume a myriad of forms. Even if certain moldavite specimens are polished or faceted for jewelry purposes, it is important to retain their original shape. Since moldavite originates in space, authentic pendants made of the stone may exhibit organic or asymmetrical shapes.

  • Mass and saturation

The weight of moldavite is much lower than that of other comparable gemstones. Further, it can be measured using the equipment due to its lower density. Contrary to what it seems to be when held in the palm of your hand, authentic moldavite should be rather light. 

The weight of the specimen is a very good indicator for its authenticity, however far from the final factor. A necklace purporting to be a moldavite but actually made of synthetic glass or another counterfeiting substance will seem to be weighty or substantial

Tips to Find and Purchase Moldavite Pendants

The shopping for pendants with moldavite may really be an exciting adventure but only if you make all the necessary measures by yourself to confirm that you buy some original and well-made piece of jewelry. Remember these details when you buy for pendants made of moldavite:

  • Purchase from legitimate vendors only

When purchasing moldavite pendants, always buy from respected jewelers or dealers with proven records of selling original gemstones only. Seek dealers who are upfront about where their gemstones and moldavite come from as well as have depth of knowledge regarding the field. Read reviews and investigate the vendor`s history to see how they have handled moldavite in the past.

  • Request certification

An authenticity certificate from a well recognized gemological laboratories can be enclosed with pendants that are set with natural moldavite. This certificate, in addition, attests the stone’s authenticity, it’s color, clarity and country of origin. 

Before you buy a necklace with a moldavite gemstone, check with the seller if there is a way to get a certificate of authenticity or other documents which can prove that the gemstone is valid.

  • Take a close look at the pendant

You should inspect the moldavite pendant for any irregularities or defects before purchasing it. Be careful to observe the stone’s color, texture, and overall appearance. Look for surface flaws like pits and tiny bubbles; these are telltale signs of genuine moldavite. Inspect the pendant’s craftsmanship and quality to ensure it complements the moldavite gemstone’s inherent beauty.

  • Trust your instincts

If something looks off or too good to be true, go by your gut feeling and tread carefully. Perform necessary research and verify it thoroughly before buying the pendant of Moldavite. 

Be aware of sellers with cheap priced moldavite pendants or that deceive you about the gemstone’s characteristics. The rarity and high price of reals as well as a high cost of quality workmanship make moldavite not exactly cheap.

  • Assess the return on investment

Make sure to look around and compare quality and price when buying a moldavite pendant. Although price should give you an idea, it shouldn’t be the only factor determining authenticity and quality. 

Also consider the seller’s reliability as well as quality, style, and condition of the pendant. Molding material, gem clarity and weight of the moldavite stone is also to be analyzed in addition to its size.

  • Take into account treatment and improvements 

We should point out that some moldavite specimens could have been modified or improved to make them look better or more visible. Some of the treatments for gemstones are heating, oiling or polishing to intensify the color or clarity. 

Treatments like this might not naturally make moldavite a replica, but they may reduce the pendant’s value and as such its authenticity. Ask the dealer about any treatments made to the moldavite before buying it. The data may convince you.


Determining the authenticity of a necklace as moldavite requires knowledge, careful examination, and evaluation. Once you are familiar with the symptoms of genuine moldavite and where to get testing methods, you may purchase with assurance and know exactly what you are obtaining. 

Buying from a reliable dealer like The Crystal Cave, inquiring about certification (if available), and trusting your intuition are the best ways to tell whether a moldavite pendant is authentic. With the right maintenance, genuine moldavite jewelry may keep its shine and individuality for a very long time.

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