How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Imessage? Surprising Details


When a situation goes weird with any individual, they have the full authority to block you on their phone to seize the communication. If you find yourself blocked on iMessage, you can’t make your access possible by using messages, calls, or Facetime. The system doesn’t inform you when you are blocked on individual iMessages. You have to go for the search for symbols and signs to get the confirmation of block status on iMessages. 

You can also verify it using the bubble color. You can search for read receipts or relationship status on various social media forums. You can also learn some tips and tricks on your iPhone to know about your blocked status. We have some hopes as it is not a complete science but a fantastic initiative. These best steps assist you in learning everything you can about knowing if someone blocked you on a message. 

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On iMessage?

There are various ways to check if someone blocked you on iMessage, and the most prominent are as follows:

Significant Signs That Show You’re Blocked

It is usual for a blue bubble to appear on your iPhone screen when sending an iMessage to another iPhone user using a messaging app for iOS and Mac. You will see the delivery status under the blue bubble when activating the read receipt in the settings menu of iMessage. 

Suppose you observe a green bubble that signals that somebody has blocked you, mainly if your chats look blue with that individual. This is a reality if both of you use iMessage on your iPhone. If someone from both of you had opened your Android device, the bubble might have gone green. Another possibility arises that you have turned off iMessage and FaceTime if they change from iOS to Android or alter their phone numbers. You will see if you are blocked, and green bubbles will tell you you have not received messages. This process works in your favor when making the next step. 

First Step: Check the Read Receipts

If you are using an iPhone and some other iPhone user sends you a message, you will receive a notification of delivery under every message. This is considered the most convenient method if someone has blocked you, but it could be more precise. If parties from either side face poor reception or turn off the iMessage, you will note a delay in the delivery notification.

As read receipts are almost new to RCS messages, they have been coming up with iMessages features for a very long period. Then, use Apple’s messages app to receive an unforsaken delivery receipt. I read you are sending it; the recipient has launched it. 

If you don’t see the read receipt and on sending a message, an Android user blocks you. That is an excellent way to reveal if you consider green bubbles a blockage from any individual, as the messages you see are still marked as read. 

Someone using this app can have the prerogative to turn off read receipts in this app of messages, which means that you will not be able to receive any notification regarding the status of your messages. The contact embraces messages but wants to stop giving updates on status. Read receipts embracing you with issues on iMessages? Here, we learn how to shut them down. 

Moon icon and automated messages in iMessage

Attentiveness and Do Not Disturb modes (DND) on iOS allow you to turn off notifications regarding apps and contacts temporarily. If you put barriers for a number on the Message app on your phone, it syncs better with your Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch via your Apple ID and iCloud.

See, if you have sent a text message or some iMessage and you don’t get any response, they are mostly expected to have turned off delivery notifications. iOS 17, 16, and 15 also automatically give you specific notifications to the iMessage sender when you send any message. At the same time, the Focus mode is active. You will experience contact and silenced notifications with a symbol next to them. 

You can achieve something unique through Focus mode and send the message if you have participated in the receiver friends list. It is expected that your text can be blocked if you don’t use any symbol of silenced notification. If you feel that message is not so necessary, try for it in repeated intervals.

We lack these features in a temporary mode as you can send messages using wi-fi or some internet connectivity, but some platforms, in particular, block messages. We can find the Airplane guilty as your iMessage is not sent until the receiver uses in-flight wi-fi. 

Keep An Eye On Your Social Apps

All our terminologies focus on the need for confirmation. Despite this, we can’t embrace better confirmation while comparing it with checking. How did you get the treatment regarding contact on social media forums? If you are blocked by any individual on their iPhone, there are great opportunities to connect with them on social media forums. 

You have to explore their Instagram accounts to get more acknowledgment. If they are going severe in blocking you, we expect you to be out of contact soon. Each social forum comes in its separate way to open up this information. You will experience the status of your friendship on the first four social media platforms or instant messaging platforms. 


Look, when you feel that an individual has blocked you on Instagram, you can’t be able then to locate his profile. Due to this, you can’t send any messages directly on the forum. Here, you will proceed with an advanced step and search his URL ( on the Instagram web and come across the sentence “Sorry, this page isn’t available message.

The following method you can apply to check your blocked status is by old comments. You can’t see the individual’s profile when you press their comment. 

Facebook Messenger Option

Here, you will open the messenger app and immediately message your friend. The app reveals that you can’t have permission to give a reply back to an individual just because of your blocked status.


If you are in a friendship with some individual on Snapchat, you must search his profile on this forum. The profile will not be shown if you are blocked in the search from there. You will experience that the chat you have done before is missing from the Chat button. Snapchat automatically removes the individual from your friends list. These three points will help you realize the intensity of the situation and your block status on Snapchat. 


You can initiate WhatsApp and advance toward the conversation with an individual. If you feel that you have also been blocked from WhatsApp, you can’t see their profile picture, last seen, or online status. You can send some messages to confirm that you are in a blocked status confronting a single checkmark on this messaging forum. You have this initiative in your hand to create a group and add your contact. WhatsApp shows you odd behavior, such as being unable to add a person. If you are blocked consistently on these forums, there is a massive chance of your number being blocked on iMessage. 

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Check The Number Through Call 

You must realize how to block, filter, identify, and report spam on your iPhone device. The first step you need to take is not to be frightened. If an individual puts a barrier on your messages, don’t hurry; give him the space to rethink. If you are more than sure that the individual on the receiver end has received your messages in place with a given process, but you still won’t be sure, then call them. Usually, you won’t have permission to contact the individuals who blocked you from iMessage.

 If you try once, you will hear a ring before entering the voicemail box. On some occasions, you won’t be able to listen to the bell, or the computer tells you that the person you are calling is not right there on the time when you dial his number. Look if a line usually rings and you are in a hurry to converse with the individual. Try to call him once. Having iOS 15 in place, you are up with a feature that permits incoming calls to ring all the way, even if a DND or Focus mode is active. 

FaceTime the person

We find it a beneficial trick if an individual puts a permanent blockage on iMessages. You will be up and going by confronting some call or message saying, “Cannot reach the person right now”. 

Turn off your caller ID.

Showing My Caller ID is a choice that permits your calls to get through anyway, mainly by banking on the way you are being blocked. Suppose you are blocked in terms of messages and ignored in terms of calls, they can rely on the number that is still in their recognition if that number does not have any kind of connection with your contact ID. But it can happen so harmfully, and things get even worse rather than just going to calmness. We experience that not all careers come up with this choice. Here is the procedure to disconnect it. You can open settings on your iPhone and scroll down to the phone part. Press Show My Caller ID and immediately turn off the toggle. 

What Should You Do If Blocked on iMessage?

You will become upset after being blocked by someone, particularly if your friendship ends in a very odd or ruthless manner. So, here is a guide on what should be done if the same scenario happens to you.

  1. As per your first step, you don’t have to try to engage them on social media forums or some messaging platform. Give them some kind of right and space to rethink. 
  2. You have to degrade the way you previously disturbed the person. 
  3. Sending messages in repeated intervals rarely forces an individual to alter his mind after blocking once. You must come in with advance attention to building new relationships and friendships. 

My Verdict On How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Imessage

It is an immense tension, embracing blocked signals that an individual has moved on from the friendship relation. Sending messages permanently to anybody forces them to alter their thoughts after blocking you from the list. Despite all this, you have to come up with a reason to advance in your life. You have to give attention to the energy of some new connections, and individuals do the same assistance. 


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