Elevated Campaign: How to Optimise Your Email Marketing


Email marketing is essential to engaging with your audience. It is the ultimate place to cultivate existing customers and win new ones through creative campaigning. But to drive conversions through this medium it is imperative to follow a few vital pieces of advice that will help you optimise your service.

Check out these helpful hints on how to optimise your email marketing campaign:

Use business email

First class business email hosting is one of the ultimate ways to campaign through the medium. This is because it allows you to personalise your service which customers will see as part of your branding. Customers will see that you have taken your digital branding to a level that goes beyond the generic styles you would find with Gmail and other providers.

For example, with personalised hosting, businesses can have addresses that include their personal names and company domain names. Say your name is  Dan Chopra and you run a consultancy firm called “Smart Solutions” that provides B2B consultancy. Instead of having the generic “smartsolutions@gmail .com” you can have the address “dc@smartsolutions .com .au”.

It’s a far sleeker address that shows that you’re serious about your work!

Use smart subject lines

Your customers likely receive countless EDMs each day. Therefore, it’s imperative that your message stands out with a catch subject line. This is the first impression your customers will receive of your messaging and the way to ensure they click through to what you have to say.

It should tease the customer into clicking through to what you have to offer. They should see the subject line and think, “I need to know more about this offering”. To do this, you should create a call to action that details the offering as succinctly as possible.

Make them accessible

You must ensure that your Electronic Direct Mail are highly accessible. This is done through your use of colours and by making the text highly readable. Your use of colours should create a stark contrast between the text and the template background whilst your text should have a clear font that is large enough for most users to read with ease.

Focus on a responsive design

Users access their emails on computers, laptops, smart phones, tables and even television screens. Therefore, you must ensure that you focus on creating a responsive design that can easily be read across all pieces of technology. To do this, CSS media queries produce copies that adjust to the screen’s accessibility requirements. For more insights and strategies, check out our detailed guide on Bulk Email Marketing.

Test your EDMs

Once you have designed the perfect EDM template it is important to test it across multiple devices and platforms like Gmail and Microsoft 365 to ensure that it doesn’t contain any inhibiting bugs. If so, you will have to rectify the problem before you can start using the template.

What’s more, you should look for quality inclusions like the “view online” option that allows users to view the EDM in Chrome or other browsers should the EDM not appear in their messaging service.

These are some of the essential elements to ensuring your EDM campaign is one that will facilitate existing customers and create some new ones in the process. This is an essential part of your marketing campaign so it shouldn’t be overlooked for other, less important processes.

Naturally, creating the perfect EDM can be daunting and time-consuming, and so you might like to enlist the pros to help you produce the perfect campaign!

For expert guidance on enhancing your email campaigns, consider Finding a Klaviyo Email Marketing Agency That Delivers Results to ensure you achieve the best outcomes.

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