A comprehensive guide to Indian bank balance check methods


Having an idea of one’s account balance can help individuals become more aware of one’s current financial standing and help fine-tune expenses better. 

To ensure account holders can access their account details more readily, leading banking institutions like Indian Bank to extend more than one way to allow them to check the same. For instance, Indian Bank offers customers online and offline methods to check balances. 

On that note, let us find some of the most popular Indian Bank balance check methods that are quick and easy. 

Indian Bank balance check methods

One can easily check their Indian Bank balance account balance in these easy ways. Take a low at the listed methods before to know more:

  • Indian Bank’s SMS service
  • Missed call service
  • ATM
  • Online banking
  • Mobile app
  • Branch visit

It is imperative for bank account holders to check their account balance to track their financial standing better and manage their transactions better. While Indian Bank offers several ways to check your account balance, you must register a mobile number with Indian Bank. 

That said, let’s check the steps involved in checking one’s Indian Bank account balance and more.

Easy steps to check Indian Bank Account Balance via SMS Service

This method is preferred by those who are not tech-savvy or have access to the internet. However, to initiate the same, one needs to register their number with the bank in these steps –

Step 1: Visit the Indian Bank branch

Step 2: Fill up an SMS banking application form

Step 3: Submit the duly filled form at the branch

Step 3: You will receive an MPIN confirmation text on the registered number

Subsequently, one can use the SMS banking service and initiate the same in these steps: 

Step 1: Open messaging app

Step 2: Select the ‘Write Messages’ option

Step 3: Type the designated keyword and the MPIN in the keyword

Step 4: Send the text to 94443-94443. 

Customers can use the SMS banking service to check their bank balance, request a mini statement, or check the status of an issued cheque in just a text.

The table below offers an insight into SMS for code and format and the designated services: 

Service Request SMS Code SMS Format
Balance enquiry BALAVL BALAVL AC number MPIN
Mini-statement LATRAN
Cheque status CHQSTS
Bank-related query HELP HELP Code MPIN
Status of deposited cheque DCHSTS
Change PIN of mobile banking CHGPIN CHGPIN new MPIN OMPIN

Steps to check Indian Bank Balance via the Missed Call

Registered customers can use the missed call service for Indian Bank balance check and more. Here’s how one can use the service to access account balance and more

Step 1: Dial 8108781085 from the registered mobile number to know the account balance

Step 2: Let the call connect and ring 

Step 3: Wait for the call to disconnect

Once the bank’s system gets a missed call from the registered number, an SMS containing the balance detail will be sent to the mobile number.

Here’s how to know the Indian Bank Balance via Net Banking

Customers with an active internet banking account can use the Indian Bank net banking facility to check their account balance.

The same can be initiated in these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Indian Bank banking portal

Step 2: Navigate to the ‘personal banking’ option on the main page

Step 3: Use userID and password to login to the account

Step 4: Check the terms and conditions to proceed

Step 5: Post logging in, click on ‘accounts’ tab to check the balance

Step 6: Click on the ‘detailed statement’ to check your recent transactions.

How to know the Balance of the Indian Bank via the IndPay Mobile App

Indian Bank customers can use the IndPay Mobile App to check their account balance in simple steps. However, they first need to download the app from the app store and also register for the internet banking service with the bank to make transactions or use the app.

Customers need to follow these steps to know their Indian Bank balance –

Step 1: Log in to the app with your username and password

Step 2: Check the terms and conditions

Step 3: Click on the ‘Accounts’ tab

Navigate the app to check detailed account statement and detail of transactions.

Here’s how to check the balance of an Indian Bank account at an ATM

Indian Bank also allows customers to check their account balance via the bank’s ATM or ATM of any third party. 

One can check their balance in these few steps –

Step 1: Go to an Indian Bank or third-party ATM 

Step 2: Insert your debit card into the machine

Step 3: Click on the ‘balance enquiry’ option

After these steps, the account balance will appear on the screen. One can also check the Indian Bank mini statement at an ATM and take a print of the same.

How to know Indian Bank Account Balance using the Toll-Free Number 

Customers can also call the Indian Bank toll-free number to know about their balance. All they need to do is dial the toll-free number 180042500000 from their registered mobile number.

However, if customers are not comfortable with these methods to check their bank account balance, they can visit the Indian Bank branch and update their passbook. Updating the account passbook will show the latest transactions, the details, and the total amount. However, to update the same, customers need to visit during the working hours of the bank branch. To ensure the branch visit is productive, make sure to check the Indian Bank timings beforehand.

Check Indian Bank Account Balance via your UPI App

Follow these steps to know your Indian Bank account balance through your UPI app

Step 1: Open a UPI app

Step 2: Enter passcode to unlock your UPI app

Step 3: Navigate to ‘Accounts’ section

Step 4: Select your account number in case you have multiple accounts linked with one UPI app

Step 5: Enter UPI pin to fetch account balance

These are the top ways to check one’s Indian Bank balance and track account details better.


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