rajkotupdates.news : the ministry of transport will launch a road safety navigation app


The news headline that rajkotupdates.news : the Ministry of Transport will launch a road safety navigation app took considerable discussion as the decision by the Indian Ministry of Transportation seems to put life in Indians. 

The app’s purpose is to give drivers, travelers, and pedestrians a safe and secure drive. The app is free to use and constantly alerts users about road conditions and traffic congestion to keep them updated to protect them from potential accidents. 

The basic features include real-time traffic updates, speed breakers, alternate routes, potholes, safety features, etc. Let’s give a closer look at this navigating app’s features to understand it better, why it was made, how to use it, and its application in this article. 

News Headline: rajkotupdates.news : the Ministry of transport will launch a road safety navigation app

To save the people of India from tragic accidents and to lower the death rate, a pact was signed by three parties; the Union Ministry of Road Transport (MoRTH), Digital tech company MapmyIndia, and IIT Madras. They aimed to bring some road safety technologies to save drivers from potential accidents which occur due to any reason; traffic, weather, and road conditions. They collaboratively decided to launch an app that is a navigation application and free to install and use for citizens. 

MaymyIndia has already worked for the safety of citizens on the road through its navigation service app named ‘MOVE,’ which is not only good and works efficiently but also won Government 2020’s Aatmanirbhar APP Innovation Challenge. 

Both citizens and authorities use this service app to improve roads and lower accidents by reporting accidents, broadcasting road, and traffic problems, and telling about unsafe areas on the map. Through this data, the IIT Madras and MapmyIndia make an analysis that the Government of India further uses to make necessary changes to improve the road conditions in the country in the future. 

In the last months of 2021, Road Ministry took official steps. After the World Bank’s funding, they adopted the model of data-driven road safety researched and created by IIT Madras’s researchers. 

The model by the Institute named Integrated Road Accident Database (iRAD) is helping in making the road safer in 32 states and Union Territories. This has improved emergency responses to a great level. 

Moreover, other agreements are also signed by the IIT team with the aim to help various state governments to improve road conditions; thus, they will achieve the goal of lowering the fatalities by 50% by 2030.

Why There Is A Need For This Road Safety Navigation App?

In India, road traffic fatalities continue to be a pressing concern, but experts firmly believe that with effective planning and the diligent implementation of rules, these alarming statistics can be significantly reduced. 

Being the second biggest population, India has only 1% of the world’s total vehicles, but sadly the World Bank’s recent report shows that 11% of global road accident deaths occur within its borders.

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The occurrence of 450,000 accidents in India each year causes the tragic loss of 150,000 lives. It unequivocally stated that India has the highest number of casualties resulting from road accidents, with an alarming frequency of 53 accidents transpiring every hour and a devastating loss of life occurring every four minutes. 

The main reasons include overspeeding, stress, anxiety, reckless driving, drunk driving, and lack of responsibility. Even the Traffic management systems don’t pay attention to it, worsening the condition. Tackling this issue head-on through meticulous planning and rigorous adherence to regulations is crucial to mitigate this grave concern and ensure safer roads for all.

What Are The Features Of This Road Safety Navigation App?

  • Navigation application 
  • Free to install and use 
  • Road safety alerts 
  • Speed limit alerts 
  • Upcoming accident hazards 
  • Voice and visual alerts 
  • Alerts about accident-prone zone 
  • Alerts about speed breakers 
  • Alerts about potholes and sharp curves
  • Give information about nearby hospitals in case of emergency 
  • Allow making a video of some accident or incident and send it to authorities in case of collisions or breakdowns.
  • Allow users to send torture signals that alert nearby ambulances, police, and fire services. 

What Are The Benefits Of This Road Safety Navigation App?

  • People easily avoid collisions
  • Safe driving while in heavy traffic
  • Get up-to-date traffic conditions 
  • Get up-to-date road conditions 
  • Tell alternate routes
  • Get speed limit alerts 
  • Get nearby hospital info 

How Can You Use This Road Safety Navigation App?

Whether you are Android or iOS, you can use this app in both cases. How? Let’s see. 

  • Download and Install this road safety navigational app (free of cost)
  • Create an account on this navigational app
  • Add proper personal information 
  • Allow location
  • The app helps you through alerts by collecting information through GPS. 


rajkotupdates.news : the Ministry of transport will launch a road safety navigation app that aims to reduce accidents and fatalities significantly. It’s a great initiative, and the world must have to think about this type of life-saving technology.

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