Instagram Pro 2: Exciting Features Of New Insta App


Do you want to know about Instagram Pro 2? Many people are fed up with the regular feature of real Instagram apps and want some new, unique and exciting features on Instagram. For those people Instagram Pro 2 app is introduced; what is this app, and how can you use it? These are the common questions many people ask, and we are here to answer all the questions related to the Instagram Pro 2 app in detail. Read this article to know all the details of this app.

What is Instagram Pro 2? 

Instagram Pro 2 is a new and modified version of the Instagram real app designed specifically for your smartphone. This app is one of the best-modified versions of the real Instagram app that gives you the facility of some more exciting features along with already available Instagram features. SamMods have designed Instagram Pro APK, that is now turned out to be one of the most prominent, responsive and user-friendly apps. The setup is easy to access, and you can utilize it easily. Instagram Pro 2 never create any lag problem with your device.

Information of Insta Pro 2 APK Download


Instagram Pro 2




60 MB



Different third-party apps are available in the market with the latest versions and many exciting features, but we cannot get any perfect one that gives extraordinary facilities. Now we get Instagram Pro, launched with the latest technologies, and they update their version every second day according to modern-day needs. Therefore, this modified Instagram APK is one of the best apps to use as an Instagram user to get more benefits and comfortable use. You can use it without any risk of security.

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Requirements and permissions 

The major requirement for Instagram Pro 2 is an Android phone, specifically 4.4 or higher. The second much-needed facility is your phone has enough space to download it easily and complete the installation process. 

Instagram Pro 2 features

There are many exciting features of Instagram Pro 2, and these features are as follows:

Hd Quality content

With the help of Instagram Pro 2, you can easily stream HD-quality content and also download it with hd quality. This Apk version of Instagram never destroyed the quality of content. 

Easy Installation 

The process of Installation is very simple and easy, and you can get access to the app in only seconds. Even a beginner can easily install the app and make use of its exciting features. 

Advance graphics 

With these advanced tools, you can get unique and advanced graphic tools; you can use these graphic features in your content to make it more engaging. 

Download media

One of another exciting features of this app is that you can download content into your media gallery to check it and save it on your phone. 

Advance video and audio call

Make video and audio calls to your friends, family and loved ones easily. You can also use different filters to make your video call more entertaining. 

Tag in a post 

Tag your friend or colleague in any of your Instagram posts with this app. You can make a comment, or funny reply on this post as well.

Ad free app

Many third-party apps will irritate you with online ads, which becomes stressful for you. Instagram Pro app is an ad-free app that can be used without any disturbance.

Copy bio and comments

Another exciting feature that makes it different and more demanding from others is that you can easily copy the bio and comments of others and save them to use later. 

Fast and free access

Instagram Pro 2 is a reliable, fast and free app and easily accessible to everyone who wants to use its exciting features. It is a very easily controllable app that is without any technical issues. 

How to download and install the latest Instagram Pro on Android

The download process is very easy and done in a short time. You have only to follow the instructions to use this app. The process is as follows:

  1. Your first step is to download the APK file from the required website. When the download is successfully complete, open the phone to check the successful completion of the download. 
  2. Open the settings and privacy and enables the unknown source option. 
  3. Open the Apk file and install it on your Android device. 
  4. Once the Installation is completed, open the Instagram Pro 2 file to use it. 


Instagram Pro 2 APK is a modified version of Instagram and comes with many exciting features for those who are bored with the regular Instagram app. This article will help you know about the app better, and you can easily decide whether to use this app or not.


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