Advantages and Uses of AR QR Codes 


QR codes are made by combining several black and white squares. These squares are encoded with machine-readable information. Smartphone cameras can easily decode this information into simple language understandable by humans. They usually reveal a website, text, or image. Augmented reality makes use of QR codes to add computer-generated imagery or videos into the real-world environment. QR codes for augmented reality require a fast and stable Internet connection at the back end for an enhanced experience. The internet service provider used for AR must have efficient support available 24/7 like that offered by Spectrum in case briefing on Spectrum Internet cost having high responsiveness and efficiency in resolving issues.

Difference and Similarity Between QR and AR Codes

AR codes are merely QR codes with different types of encoding. While simple QR codes contain website URLs, simple text, and images. AR codes are used to trigger augmented reality experiences. Scanning an AR code takes you into Augmented Reality, which combines real and digital worlds. AR contains 3D images, animation, and videos that can be used for various purposes.

AR and QR codes have the same outlook and are processed in the same manner. Both AR and QR codes can be easily decoded with smartphone cameras.

Scanning AR and QR Codes

Some people are of the view that a separate scanner is needed to assess AR codes for an advanced AR experience. However, this is not true and all AR and QR codes are easily decoded by smartphone cameras both on iOS and Android.

Augmented Reality Codes

There are three types of augmented reality codes, namely social media, flying over, and immersive AR codes. Let’s discuss these codes in detail below.

Immersive AR Codes – When an immersive AR code is unlocked, it shows one or more 3D objects or animations. They are used by companies to enhance their customer experience in effective marketing as the concept is very engaging and unique.

Social Media AR Codes – Social media codes consist of AR filters and environment scanning. Users can apply these filters to change their appearance. The images can be placed inside the AR environment. The results have a fictional outlook and can be published on social media channels. The images are very attractive, so this is a great way of marketing.

Flying Over Codes – Flying over codes represent pop-up information. When this type of AR code is decoded and scanned, an image or text pops up right above the QR code. This can be used to represent a voucher or a discount code.

Advantages of Using QR Codes for AR Activities

User data can be easily gathered through QR codes which helps track the success of AR activities.

QR codes are an inexpensive way of integrating AR into marketing activities.

QR codes can be scanned from any place, such as flyers, magazines, or posters, making AR more accessible.

QR codes are easier to produce and distribute.

QR codes are quickly scanned when placed in front of a machine-reading device hence less time consuming

QR is mostly run on WebAR technologies which means that it can be easily used by scanning and does not require any other application to be downloaded first.

Use of QR Codes in Augmented Reality

Different industries are using QR AR codes for various purposes such as:


Some artists provide a QR code for their products when exhibiting. These codes provide additional information about the product on display or the artist. It can also be used to reveal the price of the product.


QR codes on products in retail shops are used to reveal additional information about the product such as the materials used, product specifications, and other such information.


QR codes in healthcare can be used to reveal information regarding medicines, prescriptions, and appointments. QR can make it very convenient for patients and hospitals to keep track of their important information.

Education and Training

QR codes can be used in education to launch specially designed augmented reality activities for practical experience. Immersive technology can be used to view a subject more closely, especially for science students. QR AR codes can also be used for more educational content and participating in simulations.


Augmented reality QR codes can be used for a wide number of marketing-related activities. Decoding the QR codes creates curiosity among customers and enhances engagement. QR codes can be used to reveal information about a product in an interactive way or a 3D image of a product. It can also be used to unveil a discount voucher or carry an invitation to a specific launch event.


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