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Instagram is a famous platform used for sharing videos and photos, which has transformed the way in which we connect with the world by capturing some moments or sharing some content with the world. Now the question arises of how to save a post on Instagram and what are the top ten Inst post saver on Instagram. We need post-saving options on Instagram as thousands of users share attractive content on such platforms. It happens repeatedly if a user is looking for some post of their interest, and it goes missing when we revisit the platform. For that moment, Instagram post saver plays its role where a user can save the content easily, organize and make a reach to their favorite content when required. In this detailed article, we will explain to you what is this Instagram post saver and derive new ways to save a post on instagram. Besides this, we will also give you the top 10 list of Instagram post savers which guide you in customizing your content.

What is an Instagram Post Saver?

Insta Post Saver is a tool that makes our work a lot more convenient in saving Instagram posts that we find useful. We can eliminate taking screenshots or bookmarking any content for revisiting the post later by placing this Instagram post saver. The users can easily and effortlessly assist with a collection of favorite content. It also ensures the safety of your post according to the updates that stream constantly and daily on this platform.

How to save posts on Instagram

Instagram’s Built-in save feature

Instagram provides all its users with a built-in save feature, which makes saving a post ridiculously easy. If someone wants to save the post, he has to follow these points.

Look for that post you want to make it a part of your saved collection. At first, you only have to press the bookmark icon underneath the post. The post will automatically be saved to your collection from there; you can make easy access to it from your profile.

Using instagram post saving apps

We can use this Instagram built-in save feature on a practical basis. As for as functionalities and content organizing capabilities are concerned, third-party apps make it a lot easier for you. You have to follow these steps to make use of these apps

  1. Download and install the Insta post saver app from your device app store.
  2. Connect to the app safely with your Instagram account.
  3. If you want to save a post, use the app’s user-friendly interface.

Top Ten Instagram Post Saver


Instapaper is one of the different posts saver which not only secures your instagram post but also secures web pages, blogs, and articles. It provides users with an option for offline reading after saving the post. If you are offline and want to revisit the post, it will make things much easier for you. As it is compatible with some other devices, it will give you access to saved content from different devices.

Pocket Saver

This is another app famous for its content saving. As Instagram post are concerned, it benefits the user by saving articles, web pages, and videos. An individual can categorize the content efficiently, which makes it easy to rearrange and find the saved post later for use. All of this is possible only because of the app tagging efficient system.

Saveo for Instagram

It is an outstanding Instagram post-saving app with a tap-downloading feature allowing users to save content quickly.

Repost for Instagram 

It is a handy app that saves a post and enables easy reposting on your profile. This is crucial for those users who want to share the content they find interesting, and it is one of the best and safe apps to save posts.

Collections for Instagram

It is an app that is filled with features and can organize content. It is easy for the user to group your post to your collection, which permits them to categorize content based on their interests and preferences.

Save IG Live story

Save IG Live story is an app that differentiates from other apps, designed to save Instagram Live videos. Using this app, the user from his favorite account can save the live broadcast, ensuring you never miss the live coverage of important moments.


It is a specialized app that empowers reposting saved Instagram posts. If you want to save content, it will give a reposting experience that allows users to share their favorite content according to the followers.


It is a very simple app that helps users download and save videos and photos directly to their chosen devices. Users can quickly save content or post by using this app.


This app provides users with repost and download options for Instagram posts. With the help of a few clicks, you can not only save the content but also reshares it as well. 

Save and repost for Instagram

Packed with features, this app allows users to save and repost Instagram posts easily. It also allows the user editing features, which benefits the users regarding the content they want to share with their friends and followers.


An Insta post saver is an important tool for the cause that simplify the curation of content and make sure that it brings the favorite post reach near you. You can enhance your overall experience in relation to saving or revisiting the post. Even you have to use a third-party app with certain functionalities or by using the instagram saving option. To deal with the preferences of the various users, there are top ten tools that ensure the capability. If you want to make your memorable moments save in your directory, then select one of these tools. So make sure that this content or posts matter to you the most.

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