Teltk Number Check Code 2023: Complete process


In the present age, it is easy to find ways for your Teltk mobile number. We have the information on how to check the Teltk sim number. Today this is the topic of our discussion, and we hope you can get a lot of help from this information.

What is Teltk?

It is a mobile phone operator in Bangladesh which works on 2G, 3G 4G. It is also named Teltk  Bangladesh Limited and started its operations in 2004. There are about 4.527 million user who uses this Teletalknetwork. Teltk makes use of the following numbering only for their subscribers. 

This way, we can check the Teletalk number and the code Welcome! The users of Teltk sim, today we will tell you how to check the Teletalk number. This mobile phone operator is based in Bangladesh. It is often seen that people do not remember their telephone numbers. It is a regulation nature. Today we will show you how to check the Teltk sim number when we forget your mobile phone number. Today we will put light on the topic of the Teltalk sim number along with the code.

Teltk number check code: Complete Process

  1. Initially, open your mobile, go to messages, and open the message editor. 
  2. Type p in the empty space to check the number and send this typed message to 154.

Step-By-Step Process

Now we will tell you the check process of the Teltk number step-by-step. This will ease up your task of finding your Teltk sim number

  • If you have a smart mobile phone, open the message portion of your mobile.
  • After opening the message box, write “W” You can use the qwerty keyboard to type it, or if you are using a general smartphone, press the 7 buttons in a go.
  • Send this message to 321. A return message will reply to this. Still, if you are facing a problem with your Teletalk number, dial this number code *551#.

Teltk’s own number check

Now we going to tell you about Teltk’s own number-checking process. Teletalk is a telecom company in Bangladesh that works under the supervision of the government of the people of the Republic of Bangladesh. Their internet cost is very low for their customers. Now we are looking at the Teletalk USSD code.

  • To check Teltk’s mobile number, dial *551#
  • To check the Teletalk internet balance, dial *152#
  • To check Teltk mms dial *152#
  • To check the minute balance, dial *152#
  • Mobile number: Type “P”& send to 154.

Benefits of Teletalk: 

Teletalk, a prominent mobile operating company in Bangladesh, has brought many benefits that have transformed the face of mobile communication within the country.

  1. Teletalk services have introduced one of the top-rated and affordable mobile plans and packages, serving to many consumers, including students and those with limited income.
  2. As a government entity, Teletalk has contributed to bridging the digital divide by extending its services to remote areas, ensuring equal access to mobile communication.
  3. Teletalk is a commendable technological innovation, regularly introducing new features and services to enhance the user experience to cope with global mobile trends.
  4. The company’s focus on data services has allowed users to access the internet, giving them accurate information, entertainment, and opportunities for online learning.
  5. Teletalk’s customer service and support have been recognized because of their responsiveness, addressing queries and concerns effectively, and enhancing overall user satisfaction.
  6. Teletalk mobile financial services have facilitated secure mobile transactions, offering convenience and reliability for financial activities.


Teltk contributions extend beyond mobile services. The company’s commitment to affordability, innovation, and accessibility has positively impacted Bangladesh’s mobile communication landscape, fostering connectivity and progress nationwide.


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