Drupal Evolution: Seamlessly Migrating Your Modules from Drupal 9 to Drupal 10.


When it comes to CMS platforms, Drupal has consistently showcased its adaptability and versatility. With the introduction of Drupal 10, there is a need for businesses to ensure their Drupal 9 modules align well with the latest version. Here’s a comprehensive guide, from the house of cmsMinds – a leading Drupal development company in Raleigh, to help you seamlessly merge your Drupal 9-compatible modules into your Drupal 10 project.

How Ending Support Affects Existing Sites

The discontinuation of Drupal 9 support has several implications:

  • No Security Updates: Post the end of support, Drupal 9 sites will be devoid of the protective shield of community-released security updates.
  • No Feature Additions or Bug Fixes: With the cessation of support for Drupal 9, sites will not be privy to any feature additions or bug fixes. This highlights the importance of promptly upgrading to Drupal 10.
  • Stagnant Evolution: The evolution of your site in terms of features and fixes will remain stagnant, making it imperative to switch to Drupal 10 at the earliest.

Introducing Drupal 10

Drupal 10 isn’t just another version; it’s a leap towards a more advanced digital experience:

  • Symphony 6 Foundation: Strengthening the core with the integration of Symfony 6.
  • Revamped Content Creation: Introducing a new WYSIWYG editor and a refreshed admin theme for a more intuitive content creation process.
  • Decoupled Menu: For more flexible and efficient menu management.
  • Enhanced Multilingual Support: Ensuring global reach with superior multilingual capabilities.
  • Media Library Overhaul: A newly designed media library offering enhanced image resizing and management tools.
  • Automated Workflow Management: A novel workflow management system to automate tasks like content approvals and publications.
  • Advanced Accessibility Features: With a heightened focus on inclusivity, Drupal 10 offers better support for screen readers and advanced keyboard navigation.

Incorporating Drupal 9 Modules into Drupal 10

Transitioning modules from Drupal 9 to Drupal 10 involves:

  • Initial Upgrade: Begin by making the module compatible with Drupal 9.5.
  • Module Type & Compatibility: Determine if it’s custom or community-contributed. Check the module’s project page on Drupal.org. Modules listed as “Works with Drupal: ^9.3 || ^10” are compatible. For incompatible modules, explore the module’s issue queue for potential patches.
  • PHP & Library Compatibility: Ensure alignment with PHP requirements and assess the need for upgrades to libraries like Symfony 6 or CKEditor 5.
  • Patch Integration: If patches are available, these need to be tested and subsequently integrated into the composer.json file. Utilize the mglaman/composer-drupal-lenient composer package for ensuring module compatibility.

Why Choose cmsMinds for Your Drupal Migration?

As a renowned Drupal development company in Raleigh, cmsMinds guarantees a migration experience that’s in harmony with your business goals:

  • Strategic Focus: At cmsMinds, we comprehend that migrations are strategic maneuvers. Our focus is on aligning the migration process with your key business goals.
  • Quality-Centric Approach: Quality isn’t a mere checkpoint for us; it’s the very essence of our service.
  • Team of Drupal Maestros: Our team, well-versed in Drupal development services, transforms complex migrations into smooth transitions.
  • Transparent Communication: We keep you abreast at every stage. Regular updates, brainstorming sessions, and feedback rounds ensure you’re always in the loop.
  • Transparency Ensured: Every step we undertake is communicated transparently, fostering a relationship of mutual trust.
  • Adaptive Support: cmsMinds understands that every business has unique support needs. We tailor our Drupal development services to match your specific requirements, ensuring a smooth migration and post-migration experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why upgrade to Drupal 10?

As per cmsMinds upgrading to Drupal 10 ensures that your website enjoys enhanced features, robust security & stays in line with current website standards.

  • What risks does one face when continuing with Drupal 9 post its end of support?

Without any regular updates and community support, Drupal 9 sites are vulnerable to security breaches and they miss out on new feature additions that affecting overall user experience & website performance.

  • How to select the right Drupal migration partner?

Consider the partner’s experience, client testimonials, their expertise in Drupal and their understanding of your business domain, talk with them, share your requirement and then select the right partner.

  • What’s the typical cost framework for a Drupal migration?

The cost varies depending on the requirement, number of custom modules, version you are migrating from. It’s best to get a customized quote from a reputed Drupal development company.

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