What App is used for 3D Modeling?


3D modeling is like an exclusive instrument in computer art and design that helps designers, engineers, architects, and other creatives create amazing things. It resembles a magical place where concepts are transformed into images, fantastic animations, and lifelike representations. This article discusses several fantastic 3D modeling applications that assist users in bringing their visions to life.

Features of 3D Modeling Applications:

  • Modeling Tools: Users can create intricate shapes and structures using several tools, including extrusion, subdivision, sculpting, and boolean operations.
  • Materials and Textures: These applications empower users to apply a variety of materials and textures, boosting the realism and aesthetic appeal of their projects.
  • Lighting and Rendering: By imitating actual lighting conditions and creating stunning images, advanced lighting and rendering choices bring models to life.
  • Animation: A variety of 3D modeling applications provide animation elements that let users design fascinating and dynamic scenes.
  • Compatibility: Professionals benefit from seamless compatibility with additional applications such as animation and rendering programs.

Top 3D Modeling Applications

  1. SelfCAD


SelfCAD is a flexible and user-friendly 3D modeling application that enables both new and professional designers to quickly create intricate 3D models. SelfCAD stands out as one of the best choices for a range of design requirements because it blends a rich feature set with an intuitive interface.

SelfCAD’s one-stop design environment, which offers tools for 3D modeling, sculpting, and even 3D printing, is one of its key benefits. Its parametric modeling capabilities offer quick modifications and iterations by allowing users to construct objects by defining and altering parameters.

The user interface of the application has been designed with an accessible layout that supports learners without compromising functionality for experienced users to speed up the creative process. SelfCAD is an excellent option for those new to 3D modeling because of its interactive tutorials and thorough documentation, which help to reduce the learning curve.

Also, SelfCAD’s cloud-based technology reduces the need for extensive local installations by allowing seamless collaboration and access from anywhere. The integrated slicer in the application streamlines the entire development process from design to physical fabrication by refining models for 3D printing. The software also comes with an in-built online slicer that you can use to generate the G-code to send to your 3D printer.

  1. Moblo

Moblo is an app that assists those who like to do things for themselves as well as hobbies such as woodworking. This enables you to design furniture and other projects in 3D. You may utilize different pieces to create your creations, similar to how you would use building bricks.

Even if you have no prior experience, you can learn how to utilize Moblo quickly. One fascinating feature is that it utilizes augmented reality, allowing you to view how your furniture would seem in your actual room.

Moblo is accessible for both Android and iOS devices. It’s free, but there’s an improved version that costs roughly $8.

  1. Morphi

Morphi is a simple iPad app meant for everyone. It lets you build various 3D objects, like realistic drawings. Morphi’s tools are simple bending to use even if you are not a pro. You can draw on the screen exactly like you would on paper, but the finished product will be in 3D. It’s sort of magic!

Morphi is still handy if you’re on the go. You may use your iPad to snap images and turn them into 3D objects. This app is free to access and runs on iPads. If you want anything it has to offer, you may have to spend about $10. So, if you’re interested in creating exciting 3D objects, Morphi on iPad is worth a look!

  1. Onshape

If you enjoy creating things, you might love the Onshape 3D CAD design tool. They additionally have a mobile app that works together with their computer program. When you’re not at your computer, this tool allows you to modify your large projects. It runs on Android and iPhone and allows for moving and adapting portions of your creation with your fingertips.

People seem happy with these apps, having an overall rating of 3.8 stars. Over half a million individuals with Android phones have installed it. But there’s an obligation: it’s just free for personal use, not for business. You need to spend around 1,500 dollars per year if you want to utilize it for work. It is working with Android and iPhones.

  1. Shapr3D

If you possess an iPhone or iPad, you can utilize Shapr3D apps to make 3D designs. It’s complimentary for the first few designs, but after that, you can upgrade to more for $25 per month or $240 per year. Shapr3D is highly efficient because it functions similarly to the well-known software Solidworks. This software functions as an enchanted device for creating stuff on your iPhone. It’s fantastic for developing machine parts, unique prototypes, as well as finished products. It can be used for a variety of applications ranging from building design to jewelry creation. It offers tools for drawing both flat and 3D objects, and you can even create objects that are set to be manufactured in real life. This app is ideal for those who travel often or love to use iPads.

  1. eDrawings

This is an easy phone app (works on iPhones and Androids). The fundamental edition costs $1.99, however, the luxurious version costs $9.99. Dassault Systems, which excels in 3D software, created it. You may quickly collaborate with colleagues with this app. You can look at 2D and 3D designs attentively. It may additionally assist you use interesting smartphone functions like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). This implies that you can interact and present things to your team or clients in entirely new ways. It’s almost like having a little 3D planet on your phone!

  1. Luna Displays

Do you have an iPad? Do you want it to be a stylish extra screen for your computer? There’s a device called Luna Display that can help. It was somewhat expensive at $79.99, but it’s cool. Because of Luna Display, you may use your iPad as a second monitor. You can even utilize it for more advanced tasks such as 3D modeling or drawing. Imagine your iPad acting as a high-end sketchbook! So, if you enjoy creating cool 3D objects or are a professional in need of more screen space, Luna Display could be a game changer for you. It’s like putting a secret superpower on your iPad.

  1. SketchUp Go

SketchUp is a prominent software application for creating 3D models. It is mostly utilized by skilled architects in different sectors. They’ve successfully now created a mobile variant called SketchUp Go. It implies that it will work on your phone or tablet. Plus, it links smoothly with the conventional computer version of SketchUp. You can start a design on your phone and finalize it on your computer, or reverse the process.

SketchUp Go offers you to design 3D models, add notes, and even add textures via your device’s camera. You may also bring in maps to show the location of your model. If you interact with others, the app allows you to connect online and quickly distribute your designs. It charges around $120 each year if you don’t use SketchUp Pro or Studio, but it’s included if you are. The app is suitable for iPhones.

  1. Prisma3D

Prisma3D is a popular three-dimensional modeling program. It’s a straightforward app that allows you to create patterns in three dimensions and pictures. It supports many distinct kinds of 3D files and lets you save your work as either OBJ files or MP4 films. This implies that you can continue to work on your masterpieces in other programs or share them as films.

While there were many problems during the trial period, the official version is now available. Yet, be careful because some users report that it often fails. Therefore, it may be ideal to use it for fun activities rather than important tasks. It runs on Android phones and is free if you don’t utilize it for corporate use.

  1. Qubism

Like a dedicated app for creating 3D models, Qubism. It allows you to build items out of tiny “qube” blocks. The application shines at quickly creating basic forms. Once you learn how to use it, it’s simple to use, but it might not look like some other apps.

The app is available for free download. To utilize your models on a computer, they need to be saved individually. Smartphones with Android OS can run Qubism.


3D modeling apps give creators the capacity to convert ideas into reality in a world powered by digital innovation. These apps will continue bringing up new possibilities as technology advances, leaving only the imagination as a restriction

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