How Often Should You Ride? Training Schedule Guidelines


Cycling is an exciting moment and the best way to maintain your health, lose weight, or increase your muscles. So, How Often Should You Ride? Regardless of how busy you are, frequently riding your electric bike is something you should consider.

If you are one of us who is always occupied with work, it can be tough to find time to go riding. But irrespective of your schedule, you can still create time to ride around your city just to enjoy the fresh breeze. This article will explore factors to consider before riding and the psychological benefits.

Factors To Consider Before Riding An Electric Bike

Before you ride your ebike, there are certain factors you must consider. Some of these include:

●       Setting up a goal:

The purpose of riding an electric bike should be known. If you want to lose weight, the time you will spend cycling will be way longer than those who just ride for fun or just to get something in the nearest mall or market. And if you want to maintain or improve fitness, you may not be subjected to riding daily. With your goals outlined, you will be determined to achieve your planned goals.

●       Identifying your fitness level and experience:

Every rider cannot be at the same level or have equal experience when riding an electric bike. The time a professional will spend riding will differ from that of a beginner. Your fitness level and how experienced you are will determine how much time you need to spend riding. Beginners and professional riders have different needs. A beginner will need to dedicate more time to cycling to master the skills of a professional rider. In contrast, a professional might only sometimes spend more time riding, but understanding where you can stand can guide you through your riding plan.

●       Consider the weather and season:

Seasons can determine when to ride your electric bicycle. The weather varies occasionally, affecting your riding safety and comfort each season. You can ride in any weather condition, but the time spent during various seasons will differ. Riding during extreme hot or cold weather will require less time outside. Also, wet or icy roads can cause slippage and harm riding conditions. There are seasonal variations in daylight. It is often safer and easier to see when you ride during the day. Because of the shorter days in the winter, you might need to schedule shorter trips or wear luminous clothing and illumination for evening rides.

●       Time committed to spend riding:

Riding is not just moving from one place to another. The time you commit to spend when riding is a crucial factor that must be considered. Balancing the work lifestyle with other recreational activities takes work. You must be able to determine how many hours you will dedicate to riding. With the right plan, you can ride your bike; even if only weekends you can spare, it is still okay.

How Often Should You Ride Your Bike?

After considering the factors before riding, your time and days are based on your preference and purpose for riding:

●       For commuting:

If you use your electric bike as a significant means of commuting, it is advisable to ride it daily. Frequent rides can help ease traffic jams’ stress as you can easily maneuver around tight corners. While riding to work, running errands, or taking short recreational rides in your neighborhood, you also tend to maintain fitness.

●       To get fitter:

If you intend to get fit or reduce weight, you can ride at least 4-5 days a week. You need to understand that intensity matters as the more hours you spend will determine how much weight you lose. Consistency with the days will get you to lose weight faster. The hours you spend each day depend on what feels right to you. You could spend up to 2-3 hours daily. It is okay if you are sure you have the energy and strength to go longer hours.

●       To prepare for an event:

For a professional rider, the time varies. You could decide to ride longer days or longer hours. Most riders choose three rides a week. They don’t need to spend much time riding as they have mastered all the tricks in riding.

●       During weekends:

Riding once a week is preferable to not riding. You can ride solely on weekends if you have a busy workday schedule. This enables you to devote more time to longer rides on Saturdays and Sundays. You can use these rides to explore and have fun.


Psychological Benefits Of Riding An Electric Bike

The best decision you could ever make is to consider cycling as a fitness medium. Riding an electric bike is often advisable as it helps to improve your health, happiness, relationships, and so on. But beyond the medical benefits, there are also psychological benefits it causes. Some of these include:

●       Stress reduction:

Some people consider riding an electric bike therapeutic. Rides on an e-bike can be soothing as stress and tension can be eased by the sound of the motor with the joy that feels like you are floating on air. When you pedal and breathe in clean air, it helps to improve mental health.

●       Feeling connected with nature:

Riding in natural environments, such as parks or scenic paths, creates a sense of connection with the rider’s environment. This relationship has been demonstrated to enhance general well-being and lessen mental weariness.

●       Social interaction:

Riding an e-bike can be a fun social activity that allows you to join bike groups or group rides in which you tend to make new friends or connections and a sense of community, which can improve your mental health.


You should ride your electric bike as often as is consistent with your objectives, way of life, and preferences. The KBO Electric Bikes are versatile travel companions, whether you’re interested in fitness, commuting, or just seeing the world. Don’t undervalue its beautiful effects on your mental and physical health. Frequently riding your electric bike provides a remarkable fusion of physical activity, the outdoors, and mindfulness — a winning formula for a better, happier life. Start riding your e-bike, and let cycling enlighten your body and mind.

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