GB WhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest Version 2023 (Updated


GB WhatsApp APK is a customized version of the original WhatsApp application, offering additional features and customization options compared to the official WhatsApp.


Created by a third-party developer, GB WhatsApp provides users with a host of new features. These include the ability to hide your online status, read receipts, and typing indicators, as well as the capacity to exchange larger files and use multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device. The best part? All these fantastic features are completely free to use.


Let’s delve into some of the key features of the latest version of GB WhatsApp Download:

GB WhatsApp Features in the Latest Version:

Dual/Multiple WhatsApp Accounts: 

GB WhatsApp allows users to run multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device, alongside the regular WhatsApp application.

Send Large Files: 

Unlike the standard WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp permits the sending of larger files, including video files up to 50MB and audio files up to 100MB. Users can also customize these limits in the settings.

Privacy Protection: 

GB WhatsApp offers robust privacy options, allowing users to hide online status, blue double ticks, and even the “typing” status. This feature lets you control when others know you are online.


GB WhatsApp provides extensive customization options. Users can modify the app’s appearance, including changing the color of the Action Bar, Background, List Background, Status Bar, or Navigation Bar. Furthermore, you can select emoji variants, font styles, launcher icons, and notification icons. Customization extends to Home UI style, stories style, floating action buttons, and the status bar.



GB WhatsApp includes an auto-reply feature, a functionality previously limited to WhatsApp Business. This allows you to send automated responses to messages, whether you’re online or offline.

Long Video Status: 

While the standard WhatsApp limits video statuses to 30 seconds, GB WhatsApp extends this limit to 7 minutes, providing more flexibility for sharing video content.

Strict Privacy Protection: 

GB WhatsApp allows users to set a password for the app, ensuring additional security and protection for your messages.

Voice Changer: 

GB WhatsApp introduces a voice changer with ten different voice types, including Robot, Baby, Teenager, Deep, Drunk, Fast, Underwater, Slow Motion, Reverse, and Funny. This feature lets you add a unique touch to your voice messages.

Benefits of Using GB WhatsApp APK:

  1. GB WhatsApp is feature-rich, offering several functionalities not available in the official WhatsApp.
  2. Users can customize the app to suit their preferences, enhancing their messaging experience.
  3. Regular updates ensure that users have access to the latest features and security enhancements.
  4. A dedicated team is available to address user queries, defects, or security vulnerabilities.

Disadvantages of Using GB WhatsApp APK:


The primary disadvantage of using GB WhatsApp is the risk of data loss and potential account suspension. WhatsApp may block users who use GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp Pro, FM WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, and other similar mods. It is recommended not to use your primary account or phone number with GBWhatsApp to mitigate this risk.

GB WhatsApp APK Download Guide:

GBWhatsApp Apk is not available on the Google Play Store, so you must download it manually from trusted sources. Here’s how:


Enable “Unknown sources” in your phone’s settings under “Security” to allow the installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store.


Download the GB WhatsApp APK from a reputable website.


Once the APK is downloaded, open your device’s file manager and navigate to the folder where it’s stored.


Tap on the GB WhatsApp APK to initiate the installation process.


After installation, open the app and create your account, following the same steps as in the official WhatsApp.


You can now enjoy the enhanced features of GB WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp Update Guide:

The GB WhatsApp download button on our website always provides the latest version. To update GB WhatsApp, you can click “GB WhatsApp Download” on our site or update directly from the GBWhatsApp app on your phone via “GBSettings” and then “Updates.”


What is GB WhatsApp used for?

GB WhatsApp serves as an alternative version of WhatsApp, offering additional features and customization options.

Is it safe to use GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is safe when downloaded from secure sources. Avoid downloading from unreliable websites to mitigate risks.

How can you know if someone is using GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp users can be identified by the unique features and customization options not found in the official WhatsApp.

Why is GB WhatsApp better than WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp offers extra features and customization, making it appealing to users seeking an enhanced messaging experience.

Does GB WhatsApp hide messages?

GB WhatsApp allows users to hide messages and control when others see their online status.

Can someone see your status on GB WhatsApp?

Privacy settings in GB WhatsApp allow users to control who can view their status updates.

Does WhatsApp GB tell you who viewed your profile?

GB WhatsApp does not provide a built-in feature to track profile visits.

Why is WhatsApp banned when using GB?

WhatsApp may suspend accounts using unofficial WhatsApp mods like GB WhatsApp if detected.

Can I switch from GB WhatsApp to the normal WhatsApp?

To transfer from GB WhatsApp to WhatsApp, you can use third-party transfer tools.


GP WhatsApp offers a feature-rich alternative to the official WhatsApp application. While it provides enhanced capabilities and customization options, users must exercise caution to avoid potential account suspension or data loss. If you’re seeking additional features and customization in your messaging app, GB WhatsApp may be the ideal choice. We encourage you to share this GB WhatsApp APK with your friends and enjoy its latest features. Should you encounter any issues while using the app, our dedicated team is ready to assist you promptly.


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