The 7 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes


Facebook is the ultimate destination for professionals and brands when they decide to promote and sell their products and services through digital channels. The user-friendly interface and plenty of options that the platform provides to run a successful business page lure people and companies from all categories to give the platform a try. And to run a successful business page, you must have a reputable number of “likes” on your page and posts.

This article has been drafted to help you understand how to get more Facebook Likes. But first, let us understand why you should invest your time and money in gaining “likes” on your Facebook page.

Why Should You Work on Increasing Your “Likes” Count?

Simply put, “likes” on Facebook are like approval ratings in real life. The higher your rating the more success you will have. Whenever someone visits a new page, they check out the number of “likes” the page has and how well-received the content is. This creates a positive environment for your brand because the user sees that the page is having a high number of likes, hence it must be genuine. A high number of “likes” on your Facebook page also suggests that the brand is thriving in the market and is soaring ahead of its competitors. Now that the importance of “likes” on Facebook has been discussed, let us uncover the 7 secret tips that will soar your “likes” count to the sky.

How to Get More Facebook Likes?

  1. Customize your page

The first thing a user sees when they visit your page is how you have customized your page. They take a look at your profile picture and cover photo. So, ensure both your profile picture and cover photo are of top-notch quality and must resonate with your brand. You can use your brand’s logo as either your profile picture or cover photo. The “About” section of your page should be filled in completely with relevant details. Choose an easily searchable URL and page name. Make your page attractive to the users.

  1. Facebook Invite button

Facebook provides an “invite” option that enables you to invite your friends and acquaintances to like your page. You can also send an invitation to new users that have liked your posts but are not your followers. You can create a custom list of audiences that you have sent invites to and then you can create content targeting that audience base. You can also boost your likes by generating ads that target that particular customer base.

  1. Run a Like campaign

One of the best features of Facebook is that it supports ads. You can run a “like” campaign on Facebook by creating an advertisement that allows users to “like” your page without leaving their newsfeeds. Any user can simply click on the “like” button in your advertisement and they can do so while simply scrolling through their newsfeed. This type of campaign can boost your total number of likes.

  1. Connect with your audience

Always reply to the comments on your post. Your audience must feel connected to you through your page. Answer their queries whenever possible and respond to their comments. You should also post more video and photo content as this type of content is more viewed on social media networks as compared to simple text posts. Create content that is generating more likes and ask your audience to like and share your posts. You can also share some behind the scene situations with your audience. Going “live” on Facebook is another great way to directly communicate with your followers.

  1. Build a list of possible customer base

On Facebook, you can create a “lookalike” audience base by using your current followers as your source list. Facebook allows you to segregate your audience based on certain demographics such as location. This option also has the benefit of excluding your existing followers so that the list you get is of new users who are yet to like and follow your page. Once you have the list, you can curate your content accordingly and the “likes” will automatically follow.

  1. Use customers testimonials

Everyone trusts reviews before they buy any product or service. The same is also true when it comes to Facebook. Always encourage your customers to share their feedback, and if it is in a video format nothing can beat that. Suppose you are planning to buy something, the first thing you do is check out whether they have any testimonials from past customers. Because these reviews allow you to understand whether the brand you are buying from is genuine or is it a scam. Customer testimonials add to the credibility of your page and brand. The more credible your brand becomes the more “likes” you will accumulate on your page.

  1. Recycle your posts

A post of yours went viral. You created other posts but none of them had the same effect on your audience. What do you do? You can recycle your old viral posts simply by reposting them again. Or you can add a little twist to your old post and share it again on your page. This helps you in gaining more likes as new users will surely want to check out the page that posted such interesting and famous content.

Apart from the above tips, you can also work on the posting schedule and frequency of your posts to gain more likes. You can host giveaways and contests for the same effect. Using cross-promotion is also a great technique to accumulate your likes on your page. One more thing you can do that will guarantee you “likes” on your page is to use a great social media tool, i.e., FB Post Likes. This tool promises genuine likes and the amount that you have to invest is nominal as compared to the benefits you receive. The “likes” are also genuine and you will not be scammed. So, we are hoping that you will utilize all these tips to your advantage and get more Facebook likes. We can’t wait to see you thriving on Facebook.


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