02045996879: Is It A Legitimate Number Or A Scam


Are you looking for information related to this number 02045996879? We came across certain numbers that will irritate you in your daily routine. These numbers are mostly scams that will badly waste your time. Whenever we come across such a situation, many questions come to mind. The most we consider is how to deal with this number. Is it a legitimate number or a scam? In this article, we will find out all the information related to this number.

Is 02045996879 a legitimate or scam number?  

Many people get calls from this number and become affected. Most of them have the opinion that this is a scam. Is this number legitimate or fraudulent? Is it still under consideration because we do not have enough information regarding this number? Let’s find out more information so that people will make them secure and safe from such scam calls.

This landline number is consistently flagged as a scam based on various reviews and reports from different communities. Most users who have encountered calls from this number have reported it as fraud and indulge in fraudulent activities. So, all the activities from this number are suspicious and need caution.

We have a bunch of people sharing information regarding this number, and according to their personal experience, they label this number a scam. Such claims from these users make other people aware and vigilant to protect against the call against potential threats caused by these unsolicited calls. It is important for individuals to take precautionary measures and refrain from engaging and providing personal information to such unknown numbers.

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People’s opinion regarding the 02045996879 number 

People have different opinions regarding this number. Some people believe this is a fraud number and see there is nothing to consider because it is a silent call with no specific reason. One caller suggested that when I receive a call, the caller asks for bank details.  They are saying we have a surprise gift for you and ask for more information. I found it a scam, so I cut the call. I recommend you never to receive the call. 

Another caller gets the call from this number and finds no one on the receiving end. He finds it a scam and fraud and cuts the call. One of the other victims said when he received the call, the caller claimed that he won the lottery. He had to provide some money to take the lottery, but the person found it a scam and cut the call. All of these opinions about the number suggest that all the calls from these numbers are fraud and scams. 

  • One user claims to be from a government agency on the call and demands personal information. It’s a clear scam, so be cautious about the call.
  • One caller pretends to be from the bank, requesting bank information details. It’s a total scam, so please block such callers and report the number.
  • James said I got a call from 02045996879, and they are telling you you have won a prize and asking for a fee to claim the prize. It is obvious that the call is a scam and needs absolute caution. Don’t fall for such a scam.
  • Receive calls multiple times from 02045996879 every time they claim to be from different companies and ask for other things. So, don’t answer the call or engage it.
  • Be aware of 02045996879. They show that they are from tech support and want to get access to our PC. So, there is an ultimate need to be alert and don’t trust them.
  • When I received the call, the number left a voicemail threatening to take legal action if I cut the call or didn’t listen to their instructions. It is disgusting, and the call is for no reason except fraud. 
  • One user reports it to be a call from a charity organization, but it sounds fishy. Check it online for legitimacy and report the caller as a scam. Avoid these unwanted calls.
  • One day, I received a call from 02045996879, asked for taxes, and needed to pay immediately.  I always pay my taxes on time, so I don’t worry as my taxes are paid already, and I don’t fall for their tricks.
  • This scam number kept me calling and asking for personal information and saying we were taking the survey. Block them as they are scammers.
  • The caller pretends to be from an internet provider and asks for login credentials. It is a scam alert, so never share sensitive information. 

Major information about 02045996879

This number is a landline number that is traced in the United Kingdom. 020 is the area code, and the number is searched 2539 times. Not all the numbers related to this code are a scam but this specific number is a scam. To be secure from this number, don’t receive the call. If you receive the call, block the number to be on the saget side. 

How to be safe from scam numbers?

Scam numbers and their threats are a harsh reality. There is no permanent solution to this problem, so we have to be cautious to deal with this situation for absolute security. Let’s learn the most prominent ways to be safe from 02045996879.

  • First, don’t answer unknown or scam calls, as it is the best option that keeps you safe.
  • If you accidentally answer the call, block the number and don’t give importance to the number.
  • Don’t give personal information to the caller, such as credit card numbers, bank details, or phone numbers. Sharing this information with any stranger is not safe because of security reasons, as they use this information for illegal purposes.
  • Don’t fall for any trick of lottery, surprise gifts, or other money surprises. They will trap you through such tricks.
  • If the scammer is saying they are from some organization and asking for any details, don’t listen to their instructions before having all the information about the organization. Check if the organization is legitimate or fake because legitimate organizations never ask for personal information from consumers.


Collecting all information related to this number 02045996879 will help you to be secure in the future. Check all the information and avoid the unknown numbers suspected to be scams. 


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