How To Get First 1000 Followers on Instagram Quickly? Expert Tips 2024


More than 1 billion people are using Instagram worldwide, and according to an estimate, Instagram creates more than four times as many engagements as compared to Facebook. Therefore, we can say that Instagram is the best place for content creators and entrepreneurs. With the growth in the use of Instagram, many people are searching for different ways to get followers. In this article, we will learn about how to get the first 1000 followers on Instagram quickly. 

How To Get First 1000 Followers on Instagram Quickly?

To answer these questions, we compile 10 tips to reach the 1000 followers milestone on Instagram. These specific points are as follows:

  1. Make a compelling bio
  2. Connect with your network 
  3. Find your target audience
  4. Write interactive and shearable captions
  5. Post regular content to engage the audience
  6. Five likes, shares, and comments rule
  7. Optimize your post images
  8. Use video content
  9. Stay informed on trends and educate people
  10. Test, experiment, and analyze your content

Make A Compelling Bio:

Bio is the first introduction to the new followers on your Instagram page. A compelling bio will target the ideal audience. It will directly hit the audience, and they will press the follow button. It’s just like a 150-character pitch, and you have to make it so that your audience’s decision is always yes. Here are some special tips for a compelling bio:

  1. Use high-quality and unique profile images.
  2. Contact info, a link to follow, a call to action, and a hashtag to click and share.
  3. Copy written by a real person, not a robot, that makes the audience attentive towards your bio.

Connect with your network:

Getting the first 1000 followers for an Instagram influencer is somewhat difficult but the trickiest part of growing a social media presence. So, connect with your network, including friends, family, and coworkers. It also includes all your surrounding community. Secondly, also search for Facebook contact lists. 

Connecting with your network will surely help you get followers, and they will follow you back and recommend you to their friends. It also depends on what type of Instagram profile you are running and whether it has some connection with local or similar businesses. If they have some connection, you can comment on their post, share their content, and encourage them to do the same.

Find your target audience:

It is important to understand your target audience in order to get your first 1000 followers. Write down what your ideal customer will be. Look for what they follow, what content they post, and what makes them stick to it. For example, if you are a food blogger, search for a food-related account and food bloggers that fit your audience criteria. Make sure to check those accounts that have high engagements on their content and learn about their strategy. 

Now, how will you benefit from the ideas is up to you. To get more, comment on their posts and follow their followers to interact with them. By engaging with these followers, you can easily get the attention of your competitor followers and establish a connection before they follow you.

Write interactive and shearable captions:

Writing a catchy Instagram caption is an art and a smart trick to get 1000 followers. Make captions of your post captivating by adding questions, humor, and facts. Appealing captions encourage users’ activity on your post, and the followers know about your content better. Add emojis, calls to action, and fun-filled descriptions to gain Instagram followers. Engaging with old followers is essential, but getting new followers is also crucial. You can engage new followers by asking questions, creating polls, and other question stickers that spark conversation in your stories. These conversations increase comments on your post, and this opportunity helps you to gain new followers. Make sure to respond to every comment and make your followers friends. 

Post regular content to engage audience:

Daily posting on Instagram is quite essential. If you want to increase followers, you post engaging content daily or with a one-day gap. People who post frequently interact with their audience regularly, and that matters a lot to the audience. Posting once a month will disconnect your connection with your community, and that’s a significant loss for a brand or an Instagram influencer.

Five likes, comments, and Follow the Rule:

This is one of the best tricks to get Instagram followers, but sometimes it won’t work. 5 likes, comments, and following rules can be helpful to engage the community. Find an account you want to follow in your niche, like at least 5 of their posts, comment on your favorite post, and follow the account. This activity shows that you are honest and want to interact with the community. You like the post and comment on a single food video with a delicious emoji before following, which shows that you are a genuine person who is showing interest in their content. It is optional that it works the first time; keep on doing but make sure to make it real, and don’t spam them. Letting them know through persistent commenting let them know that you are worth following back.

Optimize your post images:

In Instagram post content, images are crucial in getting the audience’s attention. You cannot post an old cassette image on a PS4. To get 1000 followers on your Instagram account, your pictures should be of high quality by using a professional camera and image editing tools. Use a smartphone to avoid cameras or editing tools, as they work fine. Make memorable content that perfectly aligns with your brand voice. Post these images with symmetry, add small details and different perspectives, and make sure to focus on a single subject.

Test, experiment, and analyze your content

Knowing what works best for your audience and what’s not is essential. So, experiment with different content on your post and analyze the results to check which content works best. To get followers immediately, you can test content strategy on three Instagram features

  1. Live
  2. Stories
  3. Reels

You will get engagements and a great source of traffic through these features. Use all of them to test the way you choose for the audience. After testing all the features, check the metrics and determine which posts are performing better. The audience behavior will show you which content type helps to get more followers and engagement on Instagram. Track weekly profile visits, find who follows you from individual posts, and keep an eye on bio link clicks. All the tracking helps you know which content gives you more audience engagement and followers. Instagram insights is the best tool to track your audience’s interests and needs.

Use video content

According to different resources, video content generally receives 34% more engagement than static image posts. So, at least add video content to your content strategy. You have various options to add video content to Instagram. 

Instagram Reels: 

Use Instagram reels that are similar to TikTok. Videos. It’s 90 seconds or less video content with great power to engage the audience.

Instagram Stories:

It is also a photo or video content on Instagram that is viewable for 24 hours. Choose the video option; each of your stories is up to 60 seconds. 

Instagram Live:

To become more open and personal, Instagram Live is the best option. It is one of the most effective ways to get the audience’s attention on what is behind the scenes. It can be for unlimited time, so it is helpful in learning and how to be content.

Stay informed on trends and educate people:

Instagram reels are taking the place of TikTok. So, Instagram favors reels instead of posting regular stories and normal feeds. Therefore, it is crucial to stay informed about the latest trends. Choose reels instead of regular posts to get more followers. Stay up to date with the social media platform and content trends.

Moreover, when a new feature is launched on Instagram, they want it to succeed, and users also want to try the new feature. If you are informed about the latest happenings, you the one to get instant followers.

Secondly, people want to learn about many things. Use carousel posts to answer a question and to gain people’s interest. According to different reports, carousel posts have a higher engagement rate on Instagram. Educate people, solve their problems through carousels, and make viewers laugh with fun before and after the post.

Pro Tips From Experts:

Here, we have some tips about the content strategy to get instant followers on Instagram.

  1. Make question-based posts to engage the audience through conversation.
  2. Share personal or funny stories to make your post interactive.
  3. Post a ‘before and after’
  4. Use latest trends
  5. Post behind the scene content as it attracts an audience
  6. Make an AMA post (ask me something)
  7. Host a contest 
  8. Tag friends post


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