ULIP plan guide: Understanding features and benefits


Meet Raghav and Priya, a young couple. They were on the verge of achieving their life goals and securing their family’s future, but they needed a financial strategy that offered both investment growth and insurance coverage. This is when they stumbled upon ULIP plans – a dynamic financial instrument that blends the benefits of investment and insurance.

Understanding ULIP plans: Balancing investments and insurance

ULIP, or unit linked insurance plan, is a distinctive financial product that merges the dual benefits of life insurance and investment. Imagine it as a two-in-one package – a part of your premium goes towards life coverage, while the remaining is invested in a range of funds based on your risk appetite and financial goals. This flexibility allows you to tailor your ULIP plan to suit your individual needs and aspirations.

Features of ULIP plans 

Flexibility in premium payment

ULIP plans offer the flexibility to choose the premium amount and frequency based on your financial capacity.

Example: Priya decided to pay a smaller premium monthly, which allowed her to manage her budget efficiently.

Dual benefits

ULIPs provide life coverage and investment returns within a single policy.

Example: Raghav opted for a ULIP plan with a sum assured of Rs 10 lakh. He knew that even if he faced any unfortunate events, his family would be financially secure.

Variety of funds

ULIPs give you the option to invest in equity, debt, or balanced funds, aligning with your risk tolerance and investment objectives.

Example: Raghav, being a risk-taker, chose an equity-oriented fund to potentially maximise his returns over the long term.

Partial withdrawals

ULIPs allow partial withdrawals after the lock-in period, providing liquidity in times of need.

Example: Raghav withdrew a portion of his funds to cover his child’s education expenses, without affecting the policy’s overall benefits.

Switching between funds

ULIPs permit you to switch funds according to market conditions and your changing investment preferences.

Example: When the market was volatile, Priya shifted a portion of her investments from equity to debt funds, safeguarding her gains.

Tax benefits

Premiums paid and proceeds received from a ULIP plan are eligible for tax deductions under Section 80C and Section 10(10D).

Example: Both Raghav and Priya utilised the tax benefits to optimise their tax outgo while investing for their goals.

Life stage-based portfolio management

As you age, ULIPs offer the option to adjust your portfolio’s risk profile to align with your life stage and financial goals.

Example: Priya transitioned her investments to a more conservative fund as she approached retirement, ensuring her savings remained secure.

ULIP calculator

Online ULIP calculators help you estimate the potential returns and coverage you can receive based on different premium amounts and tenures.

Example: Before finalising their ULIP plan, Raghav and Priya used the ULIP calculator to gauge the projected growth of their investments.

Top-up premiums

ULIPs enable you to enhance your investments by making top-up premium payments over and above your regular premiums.

Example: Raghav received a bonus at work and utilised it to make a top-up payment, accelerating his wealth creation journey.

Goal-based planning

ULIPs allow you to set specific financial goals and invest accordingly, ensuring you stay on track to achieve them.

Example: Raghav set separate investment goals for his child’s education, retirement, and a dream vacation, each with a dedicated allocation.

Wealth creation

With the potential for high returns over the long term, ULIPs are an effective tool for wealth accumulation.

Example: By consistently investing in equity funds, Priya saw her ULIP plan’s value increase significantly over the years.

Rider add-ons

You can enhance your ULIP coverage with rider options like critical illness, accidental death, and disability benefits.

Example: Priya added a critical illness rider to her ULIP plan, giving her an extra layer of protection against unforeseen medical expenses.

Long-term vision

ULIPs encourage disciplined investing by having a mandatory lock-in period, which discourages premature withdrawals.

Example: Priya recognised the importance of staying invested for the long term, aiming for substantial wealth accumulation over time.

Fund performance updates

Regular updates on fund performance help you monitor your investments and make informed decisions.

Example: Raghav received quarterly fund performance reports, enabling him to assess the growth of his investments.

Transparent charges

ULIPs have transparent fee structures, clearly outlining charges for administration, fund management, and mortality.

Example: Both Raghav and Priya reviewed the policy document to understand the charges involved, ensuring no hidden surprises.

Benefits and tips to avail ULIP –

Tax Efficiency

Enjoy tax deductions on premiums paid and tax-free proceeds on maturity or death.

Dual advantage

Avail both life coverage and wealth creation opportunities in a single plan.


Tailor your investment strategy and coverage as per your unique financial goals.

Long-term gains

Leverage the power of compounding by staying invested for the long haul.

Market exposure

Participate in the potential upside of the markets through equity investments.


Invest across different asset classes for risk mitigation and enhanced returns.

Inflation hedge

Investment growth helps combat the impact of inflation on your savings.

Financial discipline

Lock-in period encourages systematic and disciplined investing.

Rider options

Enhance coverage with add-ons for specific needs like critical illness or accidental death.

Goal-specific planning

Align investments with distinct goals such as education, retirement, or homeownership.

Emergency fund

Partial withdrawals provide a safety net for unforeseen expenses.

Legacy planning

Secure your family’s future by leaving behind a financial cushion.

Professional management

Expert fund managers handle your investments, optimising growth potential.


Online access allows you to track and manage your policy effortlessly.


Choose premium amounts that suit your budget and financial capacity.

Early investment

Start young to benefit from the magic of compounding and time in the market.

Risk management

Adjust your portfolio to your changing risk tolerance over time.

Regular monitoring

Keep track of fund performance and adapt your strategy when necessary.

ULIP calculator

Utilise online tools to assess potential returns and coverage before committing.

Holistic approach

Combine insurance and investment planning for a comprehensive financial outlook.


As Raghav and Priya discovered, ULIP plans are a dynamic instrument to gain the benefit between investment and insurance. With the flexibility to tailor your coverage, choose funds, and monitor performance, ULIPs offer a comprehensive solution to your financial aspirations. Whether you are aiming for wealth creation, long-term savings, or goal-specific planning, ULIPs allow you to shape your financial future with confidence and clarity.


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