Milialar: Complete Guide About Skin Disease


Milialar is the name of a cyst which occurs in yellowish or sometimes in pearly white colors. It mostly shapes up in the bottom of the skin which produces pain and discomfort for the individuals. But they give no harsh harm to you. If someone or you wants to get rid of this cyst, he has to understand its causes, symptoms, and treatment procedure.

What is Milialar?

Milialar is a small cyst that mostly takes place in the beneath and sensitive part of your skin. It appears round, small, and light yellowish in shape. It occurs when the dead cells of the skin are placed below the surface of the skin and stuck with sweat ducts. The shape of the cyst mostly resembles that of a grain of sand which we often experience on the face especially seen around the eyes and nose but it can also take place in any other part of our body’s skin. It is seems typically painless as it termed as a cosmetic problem for some individuals which can be cured through proper treatment and precautionary measures.

Cause of Milialar

The causes of this milialar can take any small child with the growth of milia. The causes include.


Genetically to the child from the parents, genes are known to be one of its causes of spread.

Dry skin: 

The dry skins are mostly endangered with dead cells, which can result in keratin, and the underskin surface further engulfs this dead skin. So lotions and moisturizers are prescribed as preventive measures.

Harsh Skin Care Products:

To make our skin safe from damage, we recommend toners and cleansers that work as a barrier against milia formation.

Sun Exposure:

We can be exposed to keratin when we face the sun more often daily, eradicating the danger of milia. So, make use of the wider sunscreen to protect the skin.

Certain medications:

Some creams relevant to steroids are considered in medication, and you may have milia as a side effect. Immediately move to the doctor if you have side effects of these medications in the shape of milia. So possible change in medication could do it for you.

Types of Milialar

We can categorize milialar into certain different kinds like primary and secondary milia.

Primary Milialar: 

We can understand when the cells of your skin are trapped under the surface of your skin; primary milia is shaped up. It mostly occurs in the newborn baby and disappears after a few weeks. In the age of the adults, it occurs around the eyes and nose areas. It is also important that it comes along with the genes and takes growth. Laser treatment can be employed for cosmetic reasons.

Secondary Milialar: 

The secondary milia happens most often when you face trauma. They come along when we recover from certain type of injuries like burns. We can use steroid cream for the skin, like eczema, which further drives us to the secondary Millar. This milialar often comes beneath the skin. So as per recommendation, laser treatment should be in place to eradicate the cyst.

There is a type in which milialar comes near the eyes, such as eyelids. These types of cysts shape up small, hard, and white. It takes place when the bottom skin trappes the keratin. The most viable causes of milia around the eye skin are genetics and dry skin. A dermatologist is a person who can do it for you.

Managing Milialar: Available Therapies


It happens often when we see that milia goes away without any treatment or pain but to some individuals, it creates immense pain and discomfort. We have recommended some medical solutions for you.

Topical retinoids:

Retinoids or creams help enlarge the dead skin cells and abide the growth of milia.


You can go for removing your dead skin cells with a light scrub on your skin as a cleanser or an exfoliation cleanser which helps prevent the growth of milia.

Dermatological extraction: 

Go to the dermatologist for the removal of the cyst with some needle treatment. This surgery can be carried out under the supervision of some specialists to avoid infection.

Chemical peels:

A chemical peel is a procedure where we remove the top layer of the skin by eliminating dead skin cells.


It is considered as a non-invasive process and also remains helpful in preventing the damage.

Preventing Milia: Your Shield Against Recurrence

If you want to avoid cyst formation, you need these preventive measures to follow 

  • Give priority to your skin and makeup products termed non-comedogenic, which are termed to eradicate skin pores.
  • To save your skin from harmful UV rays, it is suggested to use sunscreen before exposing it to the sun.
  • Use the appropriate gentle cleanser rather than any irritating scrubs if you want to save your skin.
  • Don’t go with the heavy oils, which come greasy often and cause pores obstruction.
  • To avoid the formation of dead skin cells, you should follow proper skin care in which regular and mild exfoliation is included.
  • If you want to clean up milialar, you can use important tools to exfoliate the top layer of the skin.


If someone wants to avoid this situation of skin disease, it is necessary to understand the cause, type, and treatment related to this term milialar. Still, an appropriate device is needed from the dermatologist as the proper treatment for healthy skin. So to cover this segment related to Milialar, it is very important to read this article thoroughly to have a lesser chance of its exposure.


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