Inter Milan vs FC Porto Timeline: Complete Information


We have a widely spread long history in front of us related to the Inter Milan vs FC Porto timeline; it was the initial days when Europeans started to get glory. With the changing times, these clubs got enormous success with some different and important titles recorded as domestic and continental.

These clubs faced each other in 1964 in the Winners Cup, representing the European Cup. Inter Milan recorded the day to their name after a strong and exciting fight on the ground. After that, both these groups collided in different friendly and European competitions, bringing mixed moments of fear, amazement, and joy in playing different games between them. Not going far; it is about the recent past. Since then, from now on, both teams have lost the plot and faced several hardships; despite this, both groups are considered the most reliable, famous, and respected names on the globe for football.

There is information from the sources that this season is similar to the previous seasons as both these groups will face each other in head-to-head games in the Champions League UEFA. There are huge expectations from the crowd that both groups will give a strong statement by winning in the group stage. Now time will decide who will lead the tournament when both gigantic groups confront each other in European Football. In this article, our major concern is the Inter Milan vs FC Porto timeline.

History of Previous Matches Between the Two Clubs

There are four occasions when these two giants collide with each other in the UEFA competition following the Champions League. The first time they met each other was in the 2002-2003 season when Porto eliminated the Intergroup in the second group stage. In the very next season, both collided again, and this time, Inter made a comeback and, as revenge, eliminated Porto in the first round of knockout.

It was 2010-2011 when both groups returned to the same group. This time Porto lost both the matches and Inter became the winner. Back in 2014-2015, Inter and Porto faced each other in the 16th round of the game. This time Inter came on top with a 3-1 win and advanced their journey towards the quarterfinals.

Recent Rivalries of Inter Milan vs FC Porto 

Inter Milan vs FC Porto Timeline

Both these groups, Inter and Porto, have a well-established connection from previous years. Whenever they faced each other heated words were exchanged between both groups of players, which used to make the games heated rivalries.

Both teams recently confronted each other in the Champions League group stage in December 2020. In these group stage matches, Inter recorded the victory with 2-1. This win mattered a lot for Inter as they opened the way for the competition’s end stages.

But Porto is now expected to be looking for its revenge time when both teams will collide again in the feature.

Critical Moments in Their Rivalry and Inter Milan vs FC Porto Timeline

Inter Milan vs FC Porto timeline

1987 May 5:

FC Porto registered a huge win in European Cup history for the first time. They defeated Bayern Munich in the finals in Vienna with a score of 2-1.FC Porto gained two important victories in the European Cup under the all-important supervision of a legend who is also their manager, Sir Bobby Robson.

1991, 27th of November: 

The first patch-up occurred when both teams came up in an important competition match where Inter recorded a win 2-1 in the Cup of UEFA during a group stage match in San Siro.

Inter Milan vs FC Porto Timeline 3rd March 1999

 This year, both teams played matches on the trot, and FC Porto stunned the world as Inter embraced the defeat 3-1 in the same city of San Siro in the second stage group match of the UEFA CUP Quarter Finals. Porto also named the trophy to its name. This win became possible as Jurgen Klopp, now representing Liverpool as a manager, scored an important goal against Parma.

2006 February 15th:

A dramatic scene was experienced when FC Porto again defeated Inter Milan and recorded a win of 4-2, playing at home in the round 16 first stage of the Champions League. The defeat didn’t prolong and made a return with a win recorded as 2-0 at San Siro. Porto made his way to the quarterfinals.

Inter Milan vs FC Porto Timeline 17th April 2013:

This match was considered the most important of that date when FC Porto and Inter Milan tied up again in the Semifinal. 

Who Is The Prominent Team In Recent Times?

Inter Milan and FC Porto timeline. The recent times unfolded that Inter Milan is the team who is doing great in terms of the rivalry with the FC Porto. Inter have recorded more than five wins from six played between these rivals. It also includes a crucial tie that resulted in a 3-0 in February 2020. In September 2019, Inter also registered a win in the A Series.

What are the expectations from their Next Match?

We are looking forward to some exciting games on the go between FC Porto and Inter Milan. Both teams look at the form of their life, and it is expected to carry the trajectory of win to some further stages. Inter benefits from playing in front of their crowd and home conditions, but we cannot take FC Porto, a weaker opposition. Now we are waiting for this thrilling clash and expecting some exciting results.

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FAQs About Inter Milan vs FC Porto timeline

At what time do FC Porto and Inter Milan tie up in a match?

Both played their first match in the European Cup in 1952-53.

What was the most exciting and remembered match between these two clubs?

Both teams tied up in 1965 in the Semifinal of the European Cup, which became the most memorable match that had a particular impact on both teams.

Who led FC Porto as a manager when they won the UEFA Champions League in 2004?

Jose Mourinho led the team as a manager when FC Porto stood on the victory stand in the UEFA Champions League in 2004.

Is there any record of Inter Milan vs FC Porto timeline coming up against each other in the recent past? 

The answer is yes, as both continued their journey as rivalries which made the sense of vibrancy alive.

Is there a platform from where we can get closer to the information about the matches between FC Porto and Inter Milan? To get further updates and details of upcoming matches, you have to visit the official page of the website and social media of FC Porto and Inter Milan.


Inter Milan vs FC Porto timeline? This is not a conversation of recent times; the rivalry of these teams comes from the decade’s time engulfing exciting, fearful, and attentive moments, dramatic matches, and, most importantly, the legends of football. It is still a spectacular get-going for the global crowd, bringing excitement and beauty through football to our lives.


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