Is There a Link Between Tylenol and ADHD & Autism?


Often, medicines that are supposed to provide relief cause much discomfort and health hazards. Acetaminophen, which is the pain reliever contained in Tylenol, has caused autism and ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity) in several children and added misery to their families.

Even though the manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson, was aware that Tylenol could result in chronic neurodevelopmental conditions in kids, they didn’t issue a public warning on the medicine label.

Several mothers have filed lawsuits after watching their kids suffer due to prenatal Tylenol exposure. They are convinced that since they used this drug to relieve pain during pregnancy, their kids developed autism and ADHD. 

Almost every mother whose kid suffered from neurodevelopmental issues feels the situation could have been avoided. If they knew how acetaminophen can affect their child, they would either not take the medicine or reduce the frequency of using it.

In this article, we will discuss how Tylenol can lead to autism and ADHD in kids. We will also share how to file a legal complaint to get compensated for the loss a woman undergoes.

Understanding Acetaminophen & Its Side Effects 

Acetaminophen is a paracetamol used to relieve pain in specific doses. Typically, most doctors suggest this drug instead of ibuprofen, which is another OTC painkiller, during the second half of pregnancy. 

This is because ibuprofen can have adverse effects on a woman’s fetus. The medicine can also result in low amniotic fluid and heart ailments. Therefore, is it safe for women to opt for acetaminophen during their pregnancy? Dr. Zanotti, OB/GYN at Cleveland Clinic, says that this drug can be used when a woman has acute pain or fever that they aren’t able to withstand anymore. 

However, pregnant women shouldn’t be consuming this drug in the long term or every day. It is always a wise decision to discuss the pain relief options with a doctor to determine whether to use Tylenol. In specific conditions, using acetaminophen in very small amounts might work best for you.

A Nevada Woman’s Tragic Predicament With Tylenol

In recent times, many women across the globe have filed their lawsuits and are waiting for their Tylenol autism lawsuit settlement amounts to be sanctioned by the court. One such suit has been filed by Cherise Chapman, a woman from Nevada. She had sued Johnson & Johnson for not warning patients about the probable dangers of the medicine.

In the past ten years, there has been very little proof that using acetaminophen during pregnancy leads to autism and ADHD in kids later. Hence, Chapman’s complaint is considered similar to the mass litigation by parents who used a product that had acetaminophen during pregnancy and suffered immensely. Furthermore, the mass litigation also includes over a dozen retailers selling this medicine under multiple brand names.

During her pregnancy, Chapman used Tylenol Extra Strength. Her son was born in 2015 and developed both ADHD and autism. If only she knew the dangers that her son would have to face eventually after using this medicine, she would have refrained from using it. Alternatively, she could have monitored the dose and used only the amount that was required to reduce her pain.

In June 2022, Chapman filed her lawsuit at the U.S. District Court in Nevada, hoping for justice. It was in October 2022 that a federal panel that assesses the related cases throughout various court districts joined similar legal claims to transfer the same to Judge Cote.

European Research Council-Financed Study Linking Tylenol with Autism

This meta-analysis was conducted in 2021 and included over 70,000 mother-baby pairs from European birth cohorts. Here, the researchers opted for questions and interviews to analyze mothers with pre- and postnatal Tylenol exposure for almost 18 months. The researchers found out that their kids between four and twelve years old have been exhibiting symptoms of ADHD and autism.

Hence, it is safe to conclude that kids with prenatal exposure to Tylenol are 21% more prone to ADHD than kids who aren’t exposed to this medicine. The chances of developing autism were 19% or slightly more.

Mothers whose kids suffer from either ADHD or autism have a right to file a lawsuit and ask for justice and the correct compensation. But they can’t tackle this battle alone. They should choose a lawyer who can help them move through the legal process with ease and get their compensation.

TorHoerman Law states that a lawyer has a crucial role to play when a woman decides to file a Tylenol lawsuit. Other than guiding them throughout the legal process and developing a solid case, they also share details about the probable settlement payouts for them to have practical expectations.

For Tylenol lawsuits, it’s rather early to fix a settlement payout. However, taking note of other fatal drug lawsuits, the payout can vary between $50,000 and $300,000. The exact amount depends on the litigation direction and the claim strength.


The last thing any mother would want is for their kids to develop ADHD and autism due to a drug that they could not have used during their pregnancy. Hence, when your doctor suggests this medicine, it is essential to question its efficacy and also point out its dangers. That way, you can urge the doctors to use a medicine that has zero side effects.

But once you have witnessed your child suffering from autism and ADHD because of your Tylenol use, it is necessary to seek the required medical assistance. Once that is sorted out, asking for legal aid is natural, as it helps to get compensation for your pain and suffering and also raises awareness about this drug use during pregnancy. 

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