How to Get Real Followers on Instagram Organically [2024]


Organic Instagram followers are a basic need of every Instagram user. They are not just a number but a valuable community that helps to grow as a brand and an individual on social media profiles. The main goal of getting organic followers on Instagram is to increase traffic and sales and get engagements. Therefore, we are here to share the most authentic and reliable ways to organically get real followers on Instagram. In this guide, you will get a comprehensive answer to your question: How to Get Real Followers on Instagram Organically?

How to Get Real Followers on Instagram Organically?

To answer this question, it is not so tricky. if you have a compelling bio and optimized profile picture, you can easily get real followers but for that, you have to follow some simple steps to get real followers on Instagram organically.

Avoid Buying Instagram Followers:

You will not get followers overnight, specifically organic followers. Organically buying followers is not recommended to get real followers on Instagram, as these followers never engage with your content. Buying followers through any means is against Instagram rules; therefore, shortcuts like buying followers or bots do not answer your question. Don’t panic and wait to get real followers through engaging content because it will work in the long run. 

Strong Personal Brand and Value Proposition

Customers don’t walk into a shop where they don’t know what is sold on this shop. The same is the case with Instagram accounts. Higher-value content such as inspirational quotes, styling tips, and cooking content will make the audience attentive. It is essential for converting visitors into followers.

Create Instagram Feed:

In today’s world, Instagram pages consist of portfolios, resumes, and websites, all available in one place. Instead of having all the social presence, a first impression is still needed. So, introduce yourself and convey what your brand is about. A strong Instagram portfolio could help an individual decide whether to hit follow or tap away.

Write Descriptive Captions for Instagram SEO

A few years back, you could only explore Instagram via hashtags, tags, location, usernames, and profile names. But with time, it has also been searched by keyword. Writing descriptive and relevant captions using relevant keywords will help you ensure your content is discoverable by the audience. For example, you will write the keyword “organic Instagram followers” in Instagram Explore, and you will see all the relevant posts from SEO specialists in the beginning. Therefore, it is evident from the example that using relevant descriptive keywords in your Instagram caption will get more eyes on your content, and you are in a win-win situation.

Use Best Hashtags for Your Followers:

For getting natural followers, the Instagram hashtag is still a valuable tool. Using relevant and targeted hashtags always offers new potential followers. For example, you want to get followers interested in beauty tips. In that case, you can use #SkincareRoutine and #SkincareTips in your caption so that users who wish to use skin care tips will quickly discover your content.

Consistent Instagram Posting Schedule:

To get real Instagram followers, a consistent Instagram posting schedule is very crucial. Users only engage on those accounts that connect with the audience on a daily basis. The more content you post, the more followers know about you, and in turn, trust is built between your brand and the audience. They also know what your account is about, giving them a reason to follow you and engage with your content. 

Ensure Your Instagram Content is Accessible:

Make sure that your Instagram content is accessible to the audience. This step is crucial in every social media strategy to get potential clients, connections, and customers. To make your content accessible to the audience, follow these specific points that are discussed below:

  1. Add text overlays and subtitles to Instagram stories and reels to make them more unique and engaging.
  2. Use descriptive alt text for your Instagram posts. 
  3. Use capital words for hashtags so that the audience reads them correctly.
  4. To make content screen reader-friendly, limit the use of emojis in captions.

Work With Other Brands And Influencers & Creators:

Partnerships with other brands, influencers, and creators are major work hacks on Instagram. You will get various benefits through these associations to get new potential followers. There is no need to pay the cost; you will use the mutual benefits option. For example, a chili brand partnered with food bloggers, content creators, and chefs on a reel to drive traffic and create hype around their latest product. One pro tip is to choose the nano and micro-influencers instead of macro influencers, as they have low rates for sponsorship. 

Create More Instagram Reels:

Instagram reels are one of the most crucial marketing tactics for gaining audience attention. It is one of the most effective ways to reach new audiences. Reels have a specific place on the explore page and the audience tab on the home feed navigation bar that makes them discoverable other than Instagram posts and carousels. Instagram reels are high-interest content for users that increase content visibility and grow your followers.

To get better results: 

  • Use relevant keywords and hashtags in your reel captions that accurately describe your video content.
  • Make sure to keep your reels short to get more views and audience engagement.
  • Your content should be original and creative.
  • Make high-quality videos, and don’t use blurry or low-quality videos.

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Instagram Giveaway:

Instagram giveaways are one of the most effective tactics for those who want to grow the Instagram community fast. The right strategy can help you reach thousands of potential followers and build a strong community around your brand. Clear the entry requirement that is to support your goals by sharing Instagram stories, tagging a friend in the comments, or following your account. Giveaways are specifically beneficial when hosted in partnership with a brand that has a similar audience.

Promote Your Instagram Through Other Channels

If you want to get more real followers, you can cross-promote your Instagram through other channels. For example, connect your Instagram account with your TikTok account and get clicks on your Instagram profile, too. You can also direct people to your Instagram through your website, email newsletters, podcasts, and other social media platforms.

Analyze Content: 

Monitoring your brand performance and analyzing the content is one of the most crucial steps to perform better. Keeping an eye on insight will help you make more precise decisions and know which content performs better. Find out how many new and unique accounts have seen your content and how much value and awareness you are gaining.

Check if any post receives higher or lower results than usual; these results are used to know what to post in the future. You can also answer various questions that come to mind, such as what type of content you will share in the future. Which hashtag should be used? Was a call to action button in your caption optimized for engagement?

Make Connection With Your Community 

One of the best ways to grow your audience organically is to connect with your followers and build a strong, engaging Instagram community. This is possible only by giving timely answers to their DMs and comments. Get engaged with them in real-time through stories and lives on Instagram. Q&A sessions through Instagram stories will allow you to connect with the community more deeply. Most content creators and Instagram influencers use this technique to engage millions of audiences that further turn into real-time followers.


We have discussed all the important tips for organically getting real Instagram followers. Learn all these steps carefully to grow your audience successfully.


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