Soymamicoco: What You Should Know In 2023


Soymamicoco, also called Sobyeancoco, is mainly considered a dairy-free plant, the opposite of the traditional cheese prepared from soya beans. This product, which differs from others in terms of nutrition, has gained a wave of popularity in recent years, which became possible just because of its delicious taste and other benefits related to health.

When we combine words like Soybean, we come to the word Soymamicoco, which is the main recipe, and we can derive a mother name from the mami in Hawaiian.

We can enjoy a vegan cheese taste when we add it, which depicts coconut oil as an ingredient to add creaminess. This makes soymamicoco different from several other cheeses with a plant base just for its unique process of manufacture. 

Regarding its manufacturing process, Soymamicoco has prioritized fermented soy milk as the critical factor rather than nut milk, which is most familiar with vegan cheese. When this fermentation occurs, we can sense a bitter flavor and some prebiotics that help digestion.

History of Soymamicoco


Focusing on Soymamicoco, we can conclude that it combines three unique plant-based ingredients: coconuts, soybeans, and macadamia nuts. These three ingredients have cultural importance and a rich history that has shaped soymamococo in real life.

When we understand it in Japan, we can pronounce it as an Edamame as it has started to flourish in the Asian region going back into history a thousand years ago. Soybean was first used in Japan in the 2000 BCE, where people used it, particularly for animal food. Still, it didn’t proceed as Chinese Taoists started using soy-fermented products to prepare for medical use. After its origin in China, it enlarged its roots to several other Asian countries like Korea and Japan, where people use it as a staple food source.

People think it is native to Australia, but the reality is a bit different as Scotish-Australian Botanist William H. Purvis grew it in the late 19th century. Macadamia nuts took a famous flight just because of their delicious state along with their high value of nutrition. As of now, Hawaii is considered the top productional unit of macadamia nuts all around the globe.

Health Benefits of Soymamicoco

The combo that we experience in terms of soy, mamey sapote, and coconut goes on to make a trio. Still, this unique mixture, famously known as soymamicoco, has reached new heights of popularity regarding its health benefits. It is not enough to come with nutritional packing as it has health-related features.

Supports Heart Health

The benefits of soymamicoco are vital in supporting the heart’s health. We can say soy, the necessary grinding of this mixture, has many polyunsaturated fats, recognized for lowering and increasing the LDL and HDL, which are termed good or bad cholesterol levels. Further, it also has additional omega-3 fatty acids, which make the body inflammation to a certain point of reduction, and due to this, your cardiovascular function regarding the whole body goes better.

Rich source of Antioxidants

When we go about antioxidants, it has a crucial role in protecting our body cells from free-moving radicals and eliminating the danger of fatal diseases like cancer and heart attack. There is a combo of three antioxidants in the Soymamicoco.

There is a vast amount of compounds named isoflavones in soybeans, which have the potential to have powerful antioxidant effects just because of oxidative stress. We can understand it as mamey sapote fruit comes as an excellent source of antioxidants like Vitamin C. Still, on the other side, coconut oil has a low quantity of medium-chain triglycerides, which it possesses.

Ingredients & Nutritional Value

Soymamicoco is also a soy milk yogurt alternative to the traditional yogurt we derive from cow’s milk. Its origin is Japan, and as of now, it has spread all across the globe because of its benefits regarding nutrition.

Protein benefit:

We can take it as it is a multiple source of plant-based protein, which is ideal for vegetarians. AZ oz goes with Soymamicoco as it has 6-10 grams of protein, adjacent to the quantity of yogurt from cow milk.

Carbohydrates value: 

While comparing with the original yogurt, we found a low quantity of carbohydrates in soymamicoco. This is the most suitable for those with a low-carb diet.


For example, to understand that soymamicoco is prepared from soy milk rather than cow milk as it naturally has a lower trajectory of saturated fats, we can say that a cup of regular fat-filled yogurt or cow’s milk has 8 grams of fat.

Minerals and Vitamins:

Soymamicoco has a massive anticipation of nutrients for vitamin D and B12, which come in place of nutrients we find in dairy products. It is an excellent option for those individuals who follow a vegan diet.


Probiotic like the traditional yogurt soymamicoco comes with these probiotics.

Effects on Disease Prevention

Having specific health benefits, soymamicoco has been gaining popularity for many years. When we go on to the researcher’s side, we conclude that consuming superfoods as your diet positively affects avoiding the disease.

The disease of the heart is the leading cause of death all around the globe. A high quantity of omega-3 fatty acids is present in Soymamicoco, which aims to reduce heart diseases. Using it can eliminate the small risk of cardiovascular development with conditions like heart disease.

Lowers Cholesterol Levels

You can face several health diseases like heart attack when you gain high cholesterol levels. Soymamicoco is an excellent soluble in fiber. This can cause a reduction of harmful blood cholesterol levels, which further takes the shape of heart disease.

Supports Bone Health

With the advancing age, we see our bones become weaker than before and more exposed to features. This comes true when women come into menopause as the estrogen level goes to a lower level. The isoflavones we have experienced in soymamicoco perform similarly to the estrogen level in the body, which avoids the bone loss act and lesser the effect of osteoporosis.

Reduces Cancer Risk

Many factors contribute to the fatal disease of cancer, but as of research beneficial results, we can say that several foods come to rescue you.

Impact on Gut Health

With any food in place, it is essential to understand the vital impact of it on our health. Soymomicoco, as a trio of combinations, has positive and negative consequences and effects on the gut. Let’s take a look at the benefits of gut health connected with soymomicoco. Coconut and Soybean are rich and high  in fiber, which is essential to maintaining a healthy gut microbiome. Fibre is considered a vital food for the bacteria with the gut in place by enhancing its growth. It helps to digest the food and improve all of the gut functions.

In addition, coconuts and soybeans come with prebiotics. You can help the growth procedure of bacteria in the gut by going with a source of prebiotics in Soymomicoco. It further involves maintaining the balance of any harmful microorganisms.

Further, we will experience that coconut has a wide range of medium-chain fatty acids with anti-inflammatory properties. As we see often, the disorders we face in the digestive tract are like irritable bowel syndrome. It also includes the MCFAs in the diet, which comes through soymomicoco, which further alleviates the symptoms connected to these conditions.

On the contrary, there are some weak sides when considering gut health and soymamicoco. A substance in soybeans called oligosaccharide raises some discomfort in some entities having sensitive stomachs.

Different Ways to Enjoy Soymamicoco

We can term it a tasty ingredient we experience differently when we talk about it. If we talk about it more, we come to know that there are unlimited possibilities when savoring this ingredient is needed. Here, we will explore different enjoyable trajectories called mouth-watering recipes.

As a dip or a sauce

To enjoy soymomicoco at its best, you must go with a particular dip or sauce for the meal or the snacks you try. It comes with a creamy and tasty flavor, ensuring it is the best for dipping vegetables, bread, etc. You can also sprinkle it on the roasted, grilled meats and vegetables or some dishes.

Recipe idea:

Soymamicoco Tahini Dip

Go with 1 cup of raw cashews soaked for more than 2 hours ½ cup of soymamicocoa along with tahini paste, two spoons, 1/4cup of water, one juice of lemon, and a pinch of salt and put it in the blender one by one.

Blend to that extent when it comes in a smooth and creamy shape.

Serve as a dip like the carrots and other veggies cut up.

In Smoothies

If you want to taste more and add to your value of nutrition, add a quantity of soymamicoco. As it comes with protein content, it is a massive deal for those who work out smoothies, which help strengthen the muscles and help recover broken muscles.

Uses for Soymamicoco

We can term soymamicoco as a different ingredient that we can use in several ways. Other than its constant position as a substitute in comparison to dairy products. We can also use it to enhance our dishes’ flavor value and nutrition. 

Shakes and Smoothies 

The most engaging and powerful use of soymomicoco is that it adds to the shakes and smoothies and gives extra flavor. When we make any shake, we call it a tremendous fruit-based addition with a creamy touch and tasty flavor. It not only provides richness and quality but also provides protein, minerals, fiber, and vitamins.

Vegan Cheese

Many individuals who follow a plant-based diet can use the soymomicoco as a base to make cheese. It comes similar in properties to traditional cheese, such as the capability to melt and taste bitter. This makes it an excellent contrast for cheesy dishes like pizza.


The cream-like taste of soymamicoco ensures it makes it a delicious salad topping without any oil and mayonnaise. So mix and blend both soymomicoco with herbs and other ingredients like this if you want to get on with a favorable setting. Add an appropriate amount of nutrition and moisture to your salad.

Vegan Cream Soups

We need milk or cream as a base ingredient when we make heavy creamy soups. So, when going with the substitution, we can make more.


Combining soybeans, coconut, and macadamia nuts, Soymamicoco offers a rich nutritional profile, including plant-based protein, antioxidants, and essential vitamins and minerals. Its potential to support heart health, lower cholesterol levels, promote bone health, reduce cancer risk, and enhance gut health makes it a valuable addition to a balanced diet. With versatile uses in dips, smoothies, vegan cheese, salad dressings, and creamy soups, Soymamicoco offers a flavorful and nutritious alternative for those seeking dairy-free options.


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