Unveiling the Legacy: Apex’s 30-Year Journey into Interiors


Apex Interiors has been a leading interior restoration contractor in the United Kingdom for over 30 years. Their path has been defined by their unwavering dedication to satisfying customers with first-rate services.


A Variety of Top Notch Services

Apex is a one-stop shop for all your interior design requirements, thanks to its comprehensive services.


Interior Renovation

Apex specializes in interior renovations and is aware of the unique needs associated with updating a commercial space. Apex makes sure the inside of your business is not only secure and pleasant for employees but also serves its purpose well for consumers.



From maximizing your store’s layout to designing eye-catching signs for your front entrance, Apex’s specialized project managers are here to help you every step of the way.


Custom-Made Furnishings


  • Chairs and Tables

Apex can make chairs and tables according to your measurements and design.


  • Counters

Apex can provide aesthetically pleasing and practical countertops for your home or business.


  • Display Cabinets

With the help of Apex’s custom-made display cabinets, your valuables will be shown in all their glory.


  • Bars

Apex tailored bar services are the way to go.


  • Reception Desks

Apex can make welcome desks that not only look good but also serve many useful purposes.


  • Screens and Partitions

Apex can make screens and partitions to your specifications, allowing them to blend in with the rest of your decor.


  • Shelving

Whether you need bookshelves, display shelves, or storage units, Apex has you covered with its unique shelving solutions.


  • Bookcases

Apex’s custom bookcases are made to fit your specific needs. You may have these bookcases made in any shape or size to fit your needs.


  • Fitted seats

Apex can construct custom-fitted seats to complement your décor and suit the amount of people you need to seat.


Apex also provides customers with the following materials for their bespoke furniture:


  • Oak: Prized for its longevity and classic good looks.
  • Beechwood: A highly sought-after because of its light hue and adaptability.
  • Ash: Prized for its durability and visually appealing grain patterns.
  • Walnut:A dark, sophisticated wood with a rich appearance.
  • Sapele:A kind of exotic wood that is reddish brown and has distinctive grain patterns.
  • Pine:A popular softwood choice due to its low cost and high adaptability.


And since Apex offers veneered and laminated materials, you may get the desired appearance without breaking the bank. In addition, they provide staining, lacquering, and painting services for all joinery products to ensure a perfect colour match with your existing decor.


Domestic Assistance


Apex’s offerings are available to both business and non-commercial clients. The domestic services staffs are trained to treat you like family while they work in your house. The domestic offerings from Apex are as follows:


  • Handyman Services

Apex provides a wide variety of handyperson services. They can take care of any little house repairs you may have, such as a dripping faucet or a broken lock.


  • New Worktops

Apex can replace your old kitchen countertops with all-new ones in Corian, solid wood, or laminate.


  • Tiling

Bathrooms and kitchens tiled by Apex look and function better than before.


  • Minor Alterations

Apex can make slight modifications to meet your requirements and preferences.


  • New Doors

Apex’s new interior and exterior door installations improve safety and curb appeal in equal measure.


  • Fitting and Hanging Interior and Exterior Doors

Apex’s crew is capable of professionally hanging and fitting both interior and exterior       doors.


  • Door Frames and Linings

Apex’s crew will also install your doors’ frames and linings, guaranteeing a safe and visually pleasing fit.


  • Architraves

Apex can improve the aesthetic appeal of your home by installing, replacing, or repairing architraves.


  • Dado and Picture Rails

Apex can build and manage these rails, enabling you to exhibit your preferred artwork and photographs with ease.


  • Skirting Boards

Apex can install or replace your skirting boards to make your walls seem nicer and safer.


  • Wood and Laminate Flooring

Apex can install, repair, or replace your wooden or laminate flooring to your specifications.


  • Studwork Walls and Plasterboarding

Apex can build studwork walls and plasterboard them, giving you a robust and level surface for finishing touches.


  • Stairs and Balustrades

Apex can work on staircases, from installing new balustrades to repairing and repainting your current steps.


  • Shelving

Apex can provide custom shelf solutions, including design, construction, and installation.


  • Custom Kitchens

Apex’s custom kitchen design and installation services are second to none. Your dream kitchen, tailored to your own tastes, is within reach.


  • Fitting of Pre-Bought Kitchens

If you have bought a prefabricated kitchen, the Apex crew can fit it.


This comprehensive service ensures that your home projects are handled with care and expertise.


Expanding Structures


They work with architects to provide you with the expanded living quarters you need or to reorganize your home. Among the many construction services they provide are:


  • Garages
  • Patios
  • Decks and Fences
  • Extensions
  • Exterior construction work
  • Conservatories
  • Game rooms


Apex has the resources to deal with everything so that your life is disrupted as little as possible. They’ll manage your project while keeping costs down.


Paying Close Attention


Apex’s dedication to perfection sets it apart from the rest of the industry. They understand that each project is different and calls for special treatment. First, their enthusiastic team carefully considers the customer’s requirements and objectives. They do this by establishing an honest and open communication channel with the customer to guarantee that all of the project’s components reflect the client’s original intent.


Skill and Adaptability


Apex’s innovative combination of cutting-edge technology and time-tested processes consistently produces superior goods at reasonable prices. Apex offers the design skills and versatility to meet your needs, whether they call for a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic or a more traditional, time-tested one.


Final Thoughts


Apex Interiors has a long experience in the industry, making it a reliable partner in making your wildest design aspirations a reality. Experience the Apex difference and alter your environment now.


You can learn more about Apex, see their portfolio, get an estimate, and contact them about your project by visiting their website at www.apexinteriors.co.uk.


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